Friday, April 11, 2008

I felt Glad today!

This morning my Mom and I were generally conversing about a girl who sells flowers to us everyday. She is about 19 years old (I think) and has been selling flowers since the time I can remember. I was very curious to know about the girl and whether she was still continuing her studies. You see, I have this annoying habit of asking my maid’s kids or the slum dwellers' kids if he/she goes to school. If you must know I have been snubbed many a times and sometimes have been given the dirtiest look possible for asking few kids “School hogtiyaa neenu?” (Do you go to school?). But I never give up do I. I will continue to do so my friends muhahahaha….

Anyway, I asked Mom about this Girl and I was so glad to hear that this girl has been studying and doing well for herself. My Mom further elaborated saying that the girl, pursuing BA at a reasonably good college, manages to study, as well as sell flowers to help her mother. Apparently the girl seemed extremely confident about getting a job, thanks to the campus recruitments happening at her college. I was kind of surprised to hear that and went through a mild self pity thinking, “Sheesh! We never had this before” :p *almost banging the nearest table*

The major reason for me being happy about the whole issue is that the motivator for this girl and her siblings is her Mother. Usually an average Indian, lower class house wife hardly gets any chance to think about literacy and long term employment. This being the case here is a woman who is doing all she can to help her daughters study and become financially independent at some point of time. I guess this may not be the case every where, but at least there is some hope left. This post is dedicated to all such unheard and unseen women of our country.