Monday, November 5, 2012

A song

While shifting to Germany, Amma had just one request: to email her songs sung by me. So since my move I have made it a point to record every little tune for her. Even if it's just a tiny bit recorded during my riyaz, she is happy listening to it. Mothers I tell you! 
A couple of months back I found Thode Badmash's (Movie: Saawariya) karaoke. I knew this was Amma's favorite song and couldn't resist recording this for her. 

This song has always been on my list of songs to share here. I hope you like it.
A note before you hit the play button- the recording is hideous. Seriously. The quality is not great at all but my voice is heard (slightly). Despite its flaws I had fun recording.

I would love to hear your thoughts :)