Wednesday, December 30, 2009

year we go again...

This happens to me every year. I’m not kidding.

Sometime in November-
Friend 1: What ya? What plans for new years eve?
Me: Not decided. Will go out probably *grin*
Friend 1: *smirks*
Me: pppffftttt

End of November-
Friend 2: We are all planning to go to Goa. Wanna join?
Me: Sure! But hey wait .. hmm err I dunno. I have deadlines to meet at work.. blah blah blah.. *friend 2 rolls her eyes*.. I’ll let you know.
Friend 2: you’ll never come I know! *snorts*

Sometime in December-
Friend 1: *still smirking* so, where are you going? The Club-aa? Or some farm house-aa? Or Pub-aa?
Me: arrrghhhh! go away
Friend 1: *laughing* I know what you'll do on 31st, you'll watch DD1
Me: *throws water bottle at him. feels better*

Nearing 31st December-
People have nohing else to talk about for the rest of the week. They all ask the same dam(n) question. Cousins, friends, neighbors, the kid who just got out of school, all of them have plans. All, but me! I sulk.

Not that I am sulking now. Or am I? My folks avoid talking to me, exchange sly glances and about-to-laugh expressions.
On 31st night after dinner (I tend have dinner earlier than ever) you find me with a book in my left hand and a big bar of chocolate in my right. Seriously, thanks to the great wo/man who invented chocolate. You'd think a person ever lived without it! Bah.. Reminds me of a quote from Peanuts- Lucy Van Pelt says “All you really need is love, but a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt”

So people who sail in the same boat as mine, bwahahahahah.. have a blast watching Titanic on star movies or Gurdasmann on DD or reading a nice book or watching a chick flick
feel good movie. Relax. You shall be relaxed throughout the year *guffaws* .Like how we used to study on 31st to maintain that intensity for the rest of the year. hahah silliness I say.
Anyway rest of you, well, you guys have a blast too. Just make sure you are back before the clock strikes 1 if you are a Bangalorean. As if...

Happy New Year! Have a great year ahead :)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Heppy Heppy Budday

This is for someone very special to me.
Someone with whom I have had mindless arguments, senseless pillow fights and silly “I will never talk to you again” moments
Someone with whom I have sung songs all day, climbed trees and inherited few atrocious clothes
Someone who has been my idol since I can remember

Someone who makes me laugh till I beg for mercy
Someone who is with me always
Someone who loves me unconditionally
Someone I am possessive of
Someone who is beautiful, intelligent, caring, emotional and a cleanfreak

This post is for my sister.
Happy birthday ‘chinnaaaa’ heh heh :D (sorry that's our family joke, might not be funny at all)

lou you ya..

Of course there is a song dedication. This one is for you bebbiee. For all those sleepless nights you (we) spent practicing this track. Those were the days no? ;)

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Random Thoughts - 3

He sat next to an old bedside lamp and spoke in a low tone. Abruptly, he put the receiver back in its place. Banged it, in fact. He tried to recollect his thoughts. What were they about? Something random said a bored voice (a voice that often spoke to him). Random stupid thoughts he said aloud and chuckled. Always nice to dwell on random thoughts isn’t it he asked the voice. The voice grunted.

Teehee.. That felt good. Right, the whole paragraph is no way connected to what I am about to post. I just happen to like typing such stuff. So I am back and I thought I’ll just make your lives err.. bright by publishing my thoughts. So, I was thinking -

- Is it really November? No seriously! What’s happening to Bangalore? November means a slight chill in the air that makes us grab our jackets, sweaters and socks out of our closets (socks yes, only people from Malleshwaram and Cox Town would do that). Not umbrellas. If it wasn’t for Crucie, a cute dog near my office, I wouldn’t even know the current season. The dog promptly wears a sweater during winter you see. Anyway after the initial November-sweater-days the dog now has stopped wearing it and looks gloomy. Climate change is catching up people. Look at poor Crucie.

-Is it me or is Biggggg Bosssss (I dunno how many g’s and s’s are to be added) the funniest show on earth? Did you see how they now have a romantic angle to the show? That phirang and that who-on-earth-is-he?-oh-a-loser-model guy throw vegetables at each other. hahahahah so funny. And KRK was so amusing. He got thrown out sadly. And have you seen Baccchhaan? hahahaha funny again. OK there’s nothing funny about the show. It’s downright boring. But why do people watch it? Why do I (sometimes) watch it? And if there was a “worlds No.1 cry baby” contest, who do you think would win – Bhaktiyar or a new born baby next to your building?

-All these years, the two of us successfully ignored each others existence- me and the lizard. But unfortunately (I have to come to terms with it) the creepiest living thing to have ever walked this planet has found its way to my room. Two days back I saw you-know-what crawling towards one and the only painting I have. The very next moment I was out to wake my dad up but he was fast asleep. I had no other choice but to go back. Bravo! said my Mom. The thing is she doesn't know that now I live in terror and fear of its return. I feel that it is hiding somewhere in my room. Should I call the armed forces? I don’t know…

- Have you noticed, suddenly Rahul Bhatt is famous. Poor soul was unseen thanks to the overwhelming presence of his dad and sister. Now he can savor some limelight (though it’s for all the wrong reasons).

- Since a month or so I have stopped smirking at driving school cars. I was a heartless two wheeler rider who always looked down upon the “learners”. But since the time I started taking driving lessons, I have newfound respect for these folks. But Bangalore traffic is cruel people. I protest!

-These days I dream about clutch/break/accelerator/indicator and seat adjuster.

-Before I leave, I want you all to listen to this song composed by a maestro. Ilayaraja! I think you will all agree when I say that he is an amazing musician. Listen to this track from an unknown movie called Shiva. I can’t stop listening to it. And I think this was originally composed in Tamil or Telugu; I’m not sure (whoever has heard the original please please can you let me know the movie?). Hope you like the song :)

So what have you been thinking?

Monday, October 19, 2009

Namma Park

Disclaimer: 30% of the post is in Kannada, so kindly adjusht. I have translated in English (literally) for non-kannadigas, aint me sweet?

There is a park very close to where I stay. Exactly six and a half (6 ½) steps away from my place. Or maybe seven (7). It’s an old one. When I say old, I mean O-L-D. It has always been called “the Park” by all of us. As you can see we aren’t a creative bunch of people. Our lives, I mean the lives of everyone (almost everyone) living in our area, are somehow connected to The Park. You could say that if, God forbid, BBMP decides to demolish the park, the officials are bound to face some angry saree clad aunties/ajjis* and panche** clad thathas*** protesting in front of the park with a flask filled with strong coffee right next to them.

I can demonstrate how important The Park is -

“Park tarkaari-yammana hatra hogi kottambri soppu togonD baa”

(Go to that park vegetable seller (female) and get off coriander leaves)


“chapli holskobekaa? Banni, ille park hatra obba idaane"

(you wanting hawai chappal fixing? Lets go to our park cobbler)


“accident-aa? Park yedrugaa?”

(all accidents tend to happen near/next to/in front of The Park)


“Lo Mahesha, park hatra hogi Bajji tinnoNa baaro”

(Hi there Mahesha, come lets have hot hot potato bajji’s next to the park).

So on and so forth. You get the picture.

No? I can explain. The above examples don’t really give you a picture of what’s inside the park isn’t it? My bad. Will try again.

A couple of year’s back this park was not-so-world-famous-in-Malleshwaram. Many people didn’t know about its existence, except of course for the residents of our area. Till recently, my previous firm’s cab drivers wondered if I had visions when I’d ask them to wait near The Park. “Park-aa? Yellide madam?” (you say park? Are you out of your mind?). Once in the cab I would glower at the cab driver thinking how the hell he can miss this lovely park. One day, after thinking exactly for one and half minutes (1 ½ minutes), I knew the answer.

The Park was maintained just like any other BBMP parks. No maintenance what so ever.

As a little adorable kid I remember coming to the park with my Mom and sister (note: fuzzy memory). Mom would let us play for sometime inside the park, tell us stories and then we’d leave before 6 PM. The Park, after 6 PM would be filled with drunkards and shady men smoking beedis & cigarettes. So like all good kids we would follow mom and once back at home the two of us played war games. Not really. My sister would do her homework and I’d just watch her (I was a toddler and a toddler has a choice not to study).

After few years the park was given a make over. Workers cleared congress giDa**** , shrubs and weeds; put more stone benches and built a path. We were very happy to find a path to walk. By then I was a big girl (around 11 years old). Along with my neighbors, I would walk for sometime and exercise (err OK you may laugh. pffftt) and leave before 6 (coz of the said reason). The Park was looked after by a man whose name was prefixed with ‘Lazy bugga’. He moved around the park like a zombie.

Our beloved Park started deteriorating all over again.

The next stage came in early 2000 when they once again cleared gida etc and appointed a new gardner. Well it looked alright. We never really bothered going inside. After a couple of years the authorities realized this was going no where (or was it election time?) and came up with an idea to give it a face-lift. They constructed a platform, put up nice bright benches (the stone benches were retained of course, along with crow / pigeon sh*t). The path was widened. No shady men were found loitering around. Most importantly they hired a good gardener.

OK stop! Where am I heading with all this nonsense you might wanna know? Yes, I shall come to that. After the entire make-over (over the years), we now have a very chic park. Aunties, uncles, Ajjis and thathas have a laughing club. Kids are back! Bless them. They play inside the park. There is one all woman’s group. These women sit and talk about yoga, diabetes, weddings, Obama, Amerikaaa -you can hear conversations such as “My son working in US no, so will go there next month to look after grandchildren and this time Subba***** has promised a visit to Niagra falls.. teehee” or “Moole mane Radhamma avra magaLa madve gottaaitante? Ade ri same-u, louv marriage-u” (heard corner house Radhamma’s daughter has found handy husband at pInfy matrimonial service?) -and other serious stuff.

The latest addition to this wonderful park is a fountain! Yes *punching air*.. Those of you who wanna visit this tourist destination can contact me. Please take a look at our new ‘amusement’ park. I know the photography isn't praise worthy, ahem, still...

(picture courtesy: my sister's Nokia phone).

*old ladies

** white colored sarong worn by men

***old men

**** Parthenium weed

*****I am not going to explain

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Book = friend

You know what they say about books - “A good book on your shelf is a friend that turns its back on you and remains a friend”. And this year I got to read some great ‘friends’. I am an absolute fiction buff. I have read some Biographies/Autobiographies/Self help kinda books but not all of them keep me entertained sadly. Someday I plan to have a marathon non-fiction book reading session. Will keep you posted.

For today, I thought of sharing a couple of books that I have read this year. Do bear with me as I am not here to review books, just a few lines about them. I know we still have three months to go before 2010 but it seems like a nice idea to list them now.

Lord of the Rings by JRR Tolkien: Alright I know I deserve a kick for not having read this before. F-i-n-e, I’ll wait for one. *kick* ..err ok Thanksverymuch! So on the eve of 2009 I found myself drawn into the world of Hobbits. The little people held my attention and there I was travelling through the forest and falling in love with the mysterious Strider. I still have the last part to finish. (I took a long break from LOTR. Time to get back).

The Hungry Tide by Amitav Ghosh: I had a choice of picking either Sea of Poppies or this and I chose latter. Amitav Ghosh writes bout the tide country, Sunderbans, which is known for Bengal tigers, snakes, crocs and floods. The story takes us through the lives of three central characters, which change along with a tide. I liked reading this.

Collection of stories by Saki
: The book has some of Saki’s best work. They are witty, dark and entertaining. Saki’s sardonic observations about life are delightful to read. A must buy.

The Alphabet Sisters by Monica McInerney: my first Chick Lit! A relationship tale involving three sisters and their grandmother, Alphabet Sisters is funny and entertaining. At times the pages refuse to move but nonetheless the book has its moments.

Amulet of Samarkhand by Jonathan Stroud: This is the first book in the Bartimaeous Trilogy. AoS is witty, gripping and exciting (in that order). It’s about Bartimaeous, a sarcastic Djinni and his master Nathaniel, eleven year old Magician, and how their lives collide when Nathaniel decides to seek revenge on the powerful Magician Simon Lovelace. Read to enjoy this roller coaster ride.

My friend Sancho by Amit Verma: The only new book (i.e., 2009 published) that I have read this year, My Friend Sancho makes for a good read and has some very funny one liners written by Amit Verma (he blogs at India Uncut
). Do look out for a jealous lizard and it's wisecracks. Nice weekend read.

Twilight Series by Stephenie Meyer: Not impressive at all. Twilight is your regular Mills & Boons with a horror twist. 17 year old Bella falls for Edward, a drop dead (literally) dazzling Vampire. Edward is an odd Vampire. He can read people’s mind, play piano and control his thirst. This means he cannot bring himself to drink Bella’s blood. So we don’t get to see any gory stuff. But this is only in the first book (it is a set of four books. yaaawwwnnn); the books which follow have loads of it. When you believe everything is going great in the happy vampire family, there enters another man and so we have a love triangle. When Edward leaves Bella, she falls for another guy who is, hold your breath, a werewolf. You sigh and yell- ‘get a grip girl’. Well I skipped most of the pages.

Edited to add: also read Gone with the wind and Great works of O. Henry (yes, again)

Here are a few other books that I often read to cheer myself up –
The Little Nugget, Carry on Jeeves and Piccadilly Jim by PG Wodehouse
Yukon Ho, There's Treasure Everywhere – Calvin and Hobbes by Bill-please-give-xerox-copy-of-your-right-foot-Watterson
The Best of Roald Dahl
Potter by JK Rowling (I re-visit my favorite chapters/one liners/scenes. My sister finds this very amusing).

Hope you enjoyed going through my book shelf. Please do leave a comment on the book/s you liked reading. I’ll pick it up if I haven’t read :)

pa-pa-pa-paaaaaaaaaa (that's the sound of a trumpet by the way)

Award time!!!!!!! 'my favorite time'. its so nice to get pampered with all these awards and you lovely bloggies deserve a huge candy store for massaging my blogger-ego :) :)
Thank you Aryan’s mom and Swaram, I am so so so happy. Big hug to you both (extra big hug to Aryan :D)

by Aryan's mom:

by Swaram:

I pass these two awards to Gazal and Prax :)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Feeling hot hot hot

I haven’t traveled for a while now. I only dream about traveling. I watch shows on Travel & Living and sulk. My travel plans flop the minute I get excited about it . For this reason I have stopped planning my vacations. But the future does look bright and hope my travel plans don’t bomb like Harry Baweja’s next movie. I h.o.p.e!

The last I traveled was to Chennai on an official assignment, that too for a day. I couldn’t really look around the place as there was no time at all. But the good part was I got to eat some yummy food at Saravanaa Bhavan. What a fine place! I thought of getting a Xerox copy of the cook’s feet but they didn’t let me inside the kitchen. Can you believe that? Apart from this minor regret the trip was fun, thanks to my colleagues who were with me.

*note: dare you say- “official trip but traveling by train-aa?” hmph. I work for a start up. This justification should suffice, no?*

The train journey turned out to be uneventful, for us. Our fellow passengers felt otherwise. They almost threatened to throw us out as, they thought, we were talking too much. One man after tossing and turning for hours lost his sleep (poor chap, you’d think) and with nothing better to do he kept scowling at us. What nonsense. Another guy threw dirty looks at us every time we burst out laughing (which by the way happened every 2.67 minutes once). We did not feel guilty though. It was only 11 PM; tell me who sleeps so early?

Talking about sleep it is necessary to tell you that I normally can’t sleep while traveling. And so when everyone went to sleep, I put on my headphones to listen to music. I got bored listening to my own playlist and let my thoughts wander. I remembered the time when I had first traveled to Chennai. That was eons ago.

As kids we never had a choice. We had no decision making power (unlike today’s kids). We were happy with any kinda outing. “Trip-aa?” we’d ask our folks eagerly. The place didn’t matter to us as long as we had company.

That’s how the first Chennai holiday took place. I remember going to the beach and walking down the street feeling clammy. I remember having tough time sitting inside the van coz there hardly was any place to stretch my leg. I remember going to VGP from Chennai. I remember waiting to come back to Bangalore, coz I couldn’t take the heat.

Technically it was not a vacation. My uncle had some official duty there and with nothing much to do after finishing his work he thought he might as well throw few stupid kids into the water. No, he didn’t do that. He very sweetly asked us (meaning my entire crazy family) to accompany him on his trip. Amidst all the excitement we forgot it was the month of April. Need I say more? We realized it would be extremely hot and for us Bangaloreans any place above 25 degrees Celsius is considered hot. But none of us kids wanted to back out. Well obviously, how can you say no to a sponsored trip? Besides summer holidays were meant for fun. So the thought of beach in Chennai/VGP got us very excited.

I don’t recall the rest of the tour, except for the humid climate and as a result the urgency to get back to Bangalore.

While we are on the subject of hot places let me also narrate to you about our other expedition to another hot destination. During one such summer vacation we (my family and another friend’s family) traveled to Bijapur, Aihole, Badami and Pattadkal. Summer in North of Karnataka is hot. To put it mildly, we thought of cooking hot BeNNe dosey (Butter dosa) on top of our car. As we didn’t find butter on the highway we decided against it. But seriously, it was burning hot. Coming back to our trip, despite the heat and dad’s friend falling sick we had loads of fun. We all traveled in our Premier Padmini. All of us (eight people including four sweet 'little' kids) were squashed inside the car and we didn’t really mind (more so coz there was no choice). The heat didn’t prevent us from having fun. Between our journey, there was an unexpected stop over at Koodalasangama and with no hotels around we took refuge in a small dormitory. I still remember we slept on the floor and found everything exciting -the spookiness of the night, the dim lit room, the whole idea of an adventurous trip and the constant “ssshhh sumne malkoLI” (shut up you crazy little monsters) uttered by our elders. We even made up a song on Kudalasangama. Boy! What fun.

Now when I look back I don’t understand why most of our summer vacations were spent in places such as these- hot, dry, sultry and humid. Well who cares as long as it made us happy.

This post, my friends, was a leaf out of my travel journal. I do hope to write some more some other time.

Coming up next: Love in Shimla

Thursday, September 10, 2009


Shraddha and April (two lovely bloggers who run a great show here) have been extremely sweet and have passed this award to me :)
I think this will help me get out of my so called writers block :P

Thank you ladies, this did make my day :D

I pass this on to:



p.s. I hope by now you would have noticed my new super cool signature.


Thursday, August 20, 2009


My friend Maanasi, after listening to my rendition here, decided to come up with a video, on YouTube. She worked on it for few hours and voila! here is the first look. She says this is her first attempt, but I don't believe her. Coz it looks very artistic with all the right pictures, matching the mood of this composition.
The pictures shared in this video are by Megi and Deepak (excellent photographers, both of them. Probably it runs in the family :)) Thank you folks! :)

And thank you Maans. You are the best :)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Almost four years ago I stepped inside a recording studio to come up with a demo CD. I was actually threatened by a friend of mine with dire consequences if I had not done this, so to save my life I decided to sing few solo tracks.

One of them was a classical bandish in Raag Puriya Dhanasri.

I recently got in touch with Chandra from Wiredbeats who volunteered to come up with a mix (of this bandish). I readily agreed coz this was something new and I was very excited about it.

I wanted to share it with you folks. And so here I am with the link (use headphones please).

He has done an amazing job and I am sure you’ll agree.

Thank you so much, Chandra :)

Hope you like it. I look forward to your feedback :)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

S for? Silly

Swaram has asked me to do this short and sweet tag. In her own words - "It takes very less time and its fun". I so agree with you. Thanks Swaram :)

I am glad to be doing something different after a long time. Something that does not involve reading/writing reports and filling complex templates. sigh!

Okay the rule is that you gotto answer all the questions with the first letter of your name. Ok? ready? Alright here I go:

1. What is your name: Sensational Shruthi. Corny eh?

2. A four Letter Word: Swim

3. A boy’s Name: Shikari Shambu

4. A girl’s Name: Samantha Fox

5. An occupation: Sound recordist/music arranger. That would be fun :D

6. A colour: Scarlett (o' Hara?)

7. Something you wear: T ‘S’hirt

8. Food: Saaru (also known as Rasam (for non-kannaDigas). Tastes heaven when cooked by Mom.

9. Something found in the bathroom: Surf Excel. Of course it is not for me!

10. A place: South Malleshwaram (I mean southern part of Malleshwaram. huh ok Thanksu)

11. A reason for being late: Sleep

12. Something you shout: SHUT UP! Only to myself

13. A movie title: SP Sangliana (I couldn’t think of any other movie) Btw SP Sangliana is a Kannada movie which I haven't watched unfortunately.

Edit : Schindler's List. I thought I should include atleast one sane answer.

14. Something you drink: Sea Breeze. Yes, sometimes I can be sophisticated.

15. A musical group: Strings. err actually I don’t like them.

16. An animal: Stag

17. A street name: Seventeenth Cross Malleshwaram

18. A type of car: ‘S’McLaren

19. Something scary: Soap opera actresses without make up

(are you still reading this list? I 'salute')

20. Ice cream flavour: Sundae. Hot chocolate fudge at Corner house yummmmmmmmmmmm…

Didn't the title warn you?

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Time for some abuse. Kutte... Kaminey...

It's raining as I type these words. And I am loving it :D
and I find myself humming - Abke sajan saawan mein

Ok thought I'll give my readers (?) an update on what 's happening in my life. I promise to keep it short.
Most of the time (Day/night) I am working. Yes people can see me online for about 18 hours (I expect you to pity me as you read this sentence) on any given day.

Currently, I am addicted to Kaminey. Vishal Bharadwaj has given us yet another off-beat musical treat. Listen to the title song and I am sure you'll fall in love with it. I am also sure you'll blink and wonder- "How does Vishal make the word 'kaminey' sound so beautiful?"

Apart from this there is nothing else happening in my life.

I will leave you with a famous auto raja quote:

Love maaDidre romance
ildidre nimhans

(Translation - If you do love romance, if not no, NIMHANS)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Oh so weird!

I have decided to be the greatest weirdo ever to have walked this planet. How? Well with nothing interesting to write (no surprises there) I have decided to come up with 7 weird facts about me-myself-I. Didn't have to think too much.
Why 7, you ask? Simply. I like this number.
Anyway, let me present to you the degree of my weirdness:

(1) This might not be just me, bet there are many others with me. First thing I notice when I meet someone is his/her hand. I have a fixation of looking at other people’s hand. I like people with well maintained hand. Long, dirty nails make me barf. Guy with long nails, you please stay away from me. A guy with long painted nails? Forget it.

(2) I don’t like being in crowded places. Too many people around make me cranky. I get claustrophobic. I sometimes go inside my shell or become very defensive. I pick up an argument, feel grumpy. I mean, do anything to get out of that place. Incidentally my sister has always been targeted in such situations. Poor you ~A, sorry bout it eh. Ok? Ok.

(3) People who write with their left hand get my attention immediately. I just can’t stop looking at them “left-ies” writing. It is so nice to watch them write with their hand tilted a bit, pen kept in some-what position. I feel very sad when they stop writing.

(4) I can’t relax if I see a girl/woman’s dupatta/scarf hanging very close to the wheel of a two-wheeler. Many a times I have followed such vehicles to utter these powerful words -“hello hello your duppatta”.

(5) My source of entertainment while travelling to/fro office is stuff written behind autorickshaws. I find them intriguing. They are thought provoking and inspiring. They all come with a social message mind you. In fact I suggest all you love sick boys go take lessons from our auto rajas’. Sample this:
Ammaninde odre anna
UDugi hinde odre suNNa*

Profound, don’t you think? There are many such famous quotes. Maybe my friend Adi can add some popular quotes.
*plis let me know if you wanting translation.

(6) I am petrified of ceiling fans. I am scared to sit or sleep underneath a fan coz I feel it might just fall on me and cut me into pieces. Are you grossed out? Jesht you imagine my plight. Even a slightest noise from it freaks me out.

(7) I couldn’t come up with the seventh one. I ran out of thoughts.

I will now shut up. But not bounce bwahahaha..

You know what, I'll make this one a tag. heeeeeeheeeeee.. I love tagging people.

I tag:
Maanasi : 7 might not be enough for her :P Maanu, increase the number if required.
Swaram: Yey! first time tagging her. You'll take it up no? :P
Gazal: Tagging Gazal for the first time and I am sure she'll come up with something interesting :)
Adi: New names for him - London huccha, thames-nan-maga etc. Share your thoughts with us Dubai babu.
Meg: ;) Nice nice things she'll write about her weirdness.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Lame Post

Most of them find gtalk conversation blog posts ridiculous. But you know me, I like such stuff. Anything weird, lame, not so lame, avoidable, unnecessary things get my attention, and I, in turn write about them and entertain you (who is disagreeing I say?). Look, that’s called public service.

I think it’s high time I did one real-conversation-copy-paste-post.

I present to you The Cartoons. This conversation happened between three beautiful girls.
Yes. We call ourselves beautiful, pretty, pulchritudinous, gorgeous and other similar adjectives.
Now that I have your attention I can proceed with the copy-paste job.

And by the way you can skip if you have decided to watch that godforsaken saif-deepika padukone movie.

Warning: Spoilers ahead

Cartoon 3: C2 u there?
cartoon 1: You've been invited to this chat room!
cartoon 2: yes
cartoon 1: i was telling C2 love aaj kal story
cartoon 2: ya tell ya
Cartoon 3: Tell tell
cartoon 1: saif ali khan and deepika padukone are brothers and sisters in kal
in aaj..they are lovers
that love yesterday was different....
brother sister love
story today's different - lovers
cartoon 1: saif loves his sistaaar so much that he does not want to be separated
cartoon 2: not twins??
cartoon 1: so god tells..beta..jao...usse shaadi karo
Cartoon 3: what bout that other girl?
cartoon 2: chi
cartoon 1: atleast few minutes you will not be separate
the other girl is saif's mum in aaj
Cartoon 3: ok.. what will she be in Kal?
cartoon 1: kal..she's evil sorceress
Cartoon 3: who tries to kill deepika and saif?
cartoon 1: no no...
she doesn’t try to kill them
she tries to be born as their child
Cartoon 3: but how come there is no homo angle to this?
cartoon 1: arre...not everything has homo angle
Cartoon 3: che
cartoon 1: ok..ok..
Cartoon 3: C2 is asleep i think
cartoon 1: it was supposed to be a surprise
but since you are asking so nicely
i'll tell
Cartoon 3: twist that was no?
cartoon 1: yes yes
saif ali khan is actually a homo
Cartoon 3: how i guessed it off no?
cartoon 1: god also laughed like that..muhahahahahahah
but since he has promised god he'll be together, he's married to her
cartoon 2: holy crap
Cartoon 3: heheh
hmm this is another path breaking movie
cartoon 2: wait now i will attempt
Saif ali Khan is a surd
from Punjab.. that is his Kal..
Deepika padukone is his neighbor
Cartoon 3: ohho.. then there is a murder
cartoon 2: C1 u wnat to add?
cartoon 1: what?
Cartoon 3: C1
add ya
next is what
cartoon 1: murder??
Cartoon 3: you were sleeping aa?
cartoon 1: sorry sorry

i like my brather sistaar story better
atleast it has incest twist to it

Cartoon 3: teehee
cartoon 2: k C3 lets make a nice story
Cartoon 1: yes
do it that
cartoon 2: not the brother sister tale
Cartoon 3: ok ya..
I have one good twist for that
cartoon 1: tell ya
C2 is well versed with ghosts
she can add
Cartoon 3: hahah yes :)
(This is a private joke. I understand if you would like to ignore this)
Cartoon 2: wait
(connection lost)

Cartoon 3: what happened?
Cartoon 1: Cartoon 2 said nimajji
i said make bajji
Cartoon 3: sreeshant
Cartoon 1: appam *&%^$?

what's he doing?
Cartoon 3: no u said bajji (Bhajji)
so i said sreeshant
Cartoon 2: hehehe
Again we lose connection. BSNL I tell you.. lousiness personified.

(after sometime. C2 comes up with another version)

Cartoon 2: Saif is in love with Deepika.But she is taller than him and she likes men who are her height or more and so to reach her height he ties a turban on his head.. deepika thinks saif is cute but she hates the the whole movie revolves around how deepika persuades him to take off the turban and what happens when she realises that Saif is shorter than her????U want to know if she will accept him with the turban or minus the few inches.. u must watch love aaj kal
Cartoon 3: hehehe this is turban aaj kal
Cartoon 2: its more like.. aaj turban.. kal??

Cartoon 1: is unavailable for comments

well now you all know the story. So don’t waste your money by watching this movie when it releases.

p.s. the music of this movie sucks.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Walk on

I walked. Yes. Those of you who know me will be surprised. For the rest of you, I’ll tell you why. The only walk I take is the one from my office to the place where my carpool stops. That's my exercise. But seriously I did walk, for about 4 kms. SO WHAT you may ask. Well, you see this was different. I took a guided tour. A whaa? Yep, a tour in our very own Bangy town. I, along with my friends took one of the walks conducted by Bangalore Walks. It was indeed an experience I’ll always cherish. A tour that helped me re-discover Bangalore.

We walked through places which were familiar. It seemed familiar and yet new. I went through a series of - “WoW I never knew that!” moments. Savita, our ‘guide’ clearly knew the place like the back of her hand and her enthusiasm was extremely infectious. We had good fun interacting and walking through the streets of Bangalore.

I will refrain from saying anything more about the walk. Take it and discover for yourself. Highly recommended, folks.

p.s. This walk has totally inspired me to find out more about Bangalore. I will get back with a complete North Bangalore (read Malleshwaram) tour guide. Promise.

p.p.s had breakfast at my favorite – ‘Brahmins coffee bar’ :) yummy VaDaa and chutney.. slurp slurp. Darn! I am hungry now :(

p.p.p.s I had written this post three weeks back and was waiting for my friend to send across some pictures, which I thought would beautify this blog. Now I have them, as you can see, yeyy!. err this was avoidable but of course you know how I like giving pointless information.

Now for some pictures (courtesy: my friend :))

Fruit Bats in Bugle Rock park. You got to look closer :)

KannaDa KaTTe (near Brahmin's coffee bar). This kaTTe (KaTTe means a place where you can sit and talk talk and talk. There’s a kaTTe in my compound as well, are you surprised?) has pictures of various luminaries of our state. This is just one part of the kaTTe.

My friend found this very amusing :p

Gavigangadhareshwara temple:

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Castle in the air

When a cute guy (really cute, mind you) stops his car and asks for directions and you have no clue what he is talking about, don’t just stare at him and say “I dunno”. You are doomed if you do. Think hard. Pretend you know the place. It doesn’t matter if you give him wrong directions. Just make sure he is there in front of you.
Got that?

Don’t be like me (and two of my other friends) and say idiotically “hmm nope. no clue” and then squeal “wasn’t he cute?”

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Looks interesting

Watch it. (with headphones).

I know I know few of you might be shaking your head and saying, "pah! Harry potter anthe. yappaa.. Kid only you are". I don't care what you say. I will watch it (release date: July 17). Anybody want to join-aa?

But books are any day better. In fact they are the best. With one exception, I believe. I have read the book but haven't yet watched LOTR movies. From what my friends tell me, the movie it seems, is as good as the book. Somebody please lend me LOTR dvd's. please please pretty please. You will get puNya, really.

Anyway coming back to Potter movies, till now, they have been very disappointing. Lets hope Half blood prince is better.

Friday, June 5, 2009

World Environment Day

“Geez! Not another ‘world something-or-the-other day’”. “Not another publicity-gimmick-day”. “Another “change the world by switching off television sets and computers day" you’d think.
But I prefer to claim this as a commitment day. Can I request you all to take some time off and think about climate change? No no I am not asking you to become an environmental activist or go around the city, shout slogans and hold “stop polluting start protecting” kinda demonstration. All I am asking is to do your bit. Commit yourself for your future. *too heavy eh?*

Well let me start again. Why can’t we commit ourselves to the environment? We could start by committing ourselves at home or office or when shopping. I am sure we can do little things such as using coffee mugs instead of disposable plastic cups or printing less or switching off the ignition while waiting for the lights to turn green or switching off fans/lights when you know you wouldn’t need them. You know things such as these (though not grand) do matter.
I don’t want to sound preachy but I do think we can bring about change in our lives by doing such simple stuff.

Just a thought. So what do you say? Can we start a movement? :)

Please send in your suggestions and share your thoughts about it. Do make use of the comments section. Maybe we can come up with better ways to tackle this issue.

Here is an excellent way to begin (an initiative by UNEP).

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Honey-soaked voice

At the beginning of this millennium, when hindi film-music industry was falling apart due to lack of good female singers (wokay I think I am exaggerating a bit) and when most of us were deafened by Alka ji’s, sadhna ji’s, Kavita ji’s, Sunidhi’s monotonous vocal torment and not to forget, once amazing, unbeatable sisters asha tai’s and lata ji’s shaky vocal torment, there entered a voice that left us all enthralled; a voice that charmed us; a voice that captivated our hearts; a voice that sometimes felt like a cool breeze and sometimes like a deep ocean. When we heard her for the first time, we all exclaimed at once- "ah! whatay"

Okay, I am talking about Shreya Ghoshal.
Twenty something Shreya has a voice that’s difficult to replace. I don’t think any of her contemporaries can sound as good as her. Maybe few, but not all. And please let's not talk about few singers whom I am not too “fond of”. Can Alisha howtospellherastname sing a note without going flat? Or can Sunidhi-falsetto specialist-Chauhan for once sing without murdering a tune? I do feel Sunidhi, Kavitha, Alka and Sadhna sargam are better than most of the talent show winners; like that moaning-groaning singer and that other aggh sounding singer. These girls are better off doing moaning-groaning numbers (alright alright I know it sounds errmm.. somewhat crude, but don’t they sound horrible with their ooh’s, ahh’s and mmh’s?).
Anyway in my opinion Shreya is a fabulous singer. Period.

I thought of sharing two of her songs today:

Bhor Bhaye (Delhi 6): I haven’t stopped listening to this wonderful album (Delhi 6) since its release. And thanks to ARR this thumri in Raag Gujari Todi is neither remixed (like what Imsail darbar did to Albela sajan in Hum dil de chuke sanam) nor murdered. It is kept as it is. And mind you it's not easy to sing this fabulous thumri, what with it's complicated sargam and taans, you'll go crazy. Shreya does a commendable job. Well, few of them might compare this to the original piece, sung by Ustad Bade Ghulam ali, which is unfair I tell you. Coz this man is God. Nobody can sing like him.

Enjoy the song.

Tere Naina (Chandni Chowk to China): With a movie name such as this, one can hardly expect a nice soothing number. But Shankar, Ehsan & Loy give us a sweet romantic number with Tere Naina. Not their best though. Shreya matches Shankar Mahadevan with ease. Not only that, she also out-performs him this time. A sweet cute SEL-ish song.

Here are a few other songs by Shreya I recommend listening to:
Dheemi Dheemi si (Shiva),
O Saathi re (Omkara), Silsila yeh chahat (Devdas), Chalo tumko lekar (Jism), Tumhe jo maine dekha (Main hoon na), Barso re (Guru), Naam ada (Yahaan), Wada raha (Khakhee), Ishq hua (Aaja Nachle), Mere Dholna (Bhulbhulaiya), Thode Badmash (saawariya) and Teri ore (Singh is King).

Let me know how you liked these songs :)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I have my speech ready

Yeyyeyy!! I am totally yeksited. I have received an award! Not one, but two two awards :D
Thanks Swaram, for passing these two awards :)

Though, I feel I should start blogging something that's rational and meaningful. I never do that, do I? I mean look at all my posts. They make little or no sense. They are all opinionated but do not create a Rang-De-Basanti-effect. People don't read them and think "haan, hum honge kaamyaab..ek din". So will I not continue writing them? err well old habits die hard you see. So I'll try my best, to not sound sensible.

Another thing that got me thinking was last year February, when I started blogging, I never imagined having blogger friends. Now that I do, I feel good about it. Happy that there are people whom I haven't met (in person) but can share almost any dam(n) thing. Great to know people through blogs innit? And of course all my other friends who diligently read my posts and leave comments :))

Thanks folks!

and I pass these awards to all my friends within and outside blogosphere

Thanks again Swaram.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Ek do Teen...

Swaram has tagged me to do this number tag. Boy! This tag really got me thinking. Thanks Swaram :D
Here’s my take.

1: No of years - since I started blogging (actually a lil more than a year)

2: No of Bands I have been a part of- I wish I could go NOW and perform on stage.

3: No of schools I have changed - I initially studied in Stella Maris (Bangalore), then moved to Hubli and studied in Rotary School and then joined HJKP (go figure what it stands for) in Bangalore once we were back (I think the details were unnecessary, however I thought I'll include ;))

4: Hours (max) that I have spoken over the phone- One fateful day I had two back to back calls and it lasted 4 hours. Phew.

5: pairs of jeans I have - all blue in color :p but different shades of course

6: Teams I have worked with – in three different firms. I particularly enjoyed those initial days of my career. Some people were inexplicable and few others got on my nerves. But I had fun. My current team rocks *grin*

7: years old when I recorded songs on our tape-recorder– I used to sing prior to that as well I believe, but this is my earliest memory. I’d sing songs from Qayamat se Qayamat Taq non stop (Side A then Side B). I can still do that!

8: I can’t do without – Music, my family, my friends, books, food, water, Internet and phone (not in that order).

9: No of traffic signals- I come across while driving back home. Signals are no fun at all. You’ll have people just staring at nothing. People who talk loud on their cell phones; there are other creeps who stare at girls- its so annoying; couples’ who make out (seriously. get a room); beggar mafia, eunuchs, people who sell stuff and many more. Maybe I can write a separate post on it :P

10: April 10th – was never fond of it when in school. Exam result time you see ;)

Yayy I did it .. Now, I tag:
Maanasi: Coz I want to
Prax : Coz he has been very lazy of late
Poornima: To make her write more :)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

New and Improved!

Alright people, I need feedback. What do you think of my blogs’ new look?
Do I keep it or get back to my simple sweet old template?
Opinion/feedback/suggestion/gift/iPod/Merc needed ASAP..
No, I just thought asap will make you look up and take notice. Some people might not even notice. But some do. Wondering what am I blithering about? Don't. You do your work.
Vote Yes or No.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Rahman - Unseen

To list out songs which I think are A R Rahman’s best is a tough job. [Though Maanasi beat me to it ;)] I would still like to go ahead and list few of his compositions. Let me rephrase it, will list out few of his not-so-popular compositions. Tracks which have not made it as chart busters but are as good, if not better than the best. My take on the maestro’s compositions:

Noor-un-Ala-Noor (Meenaxi): A movie that made no sense to most of us has some amazing set of songs. Noor-un-ala is one of them. It starts off with alaap accompanied by bass and chimes. Then it transcends into, ARR’s favorite genre,
sufi. The composition has shades of Raag Jog. Murtuza Khan and Qadir Khan sing well and improvise this haunting Qawwali with sargam and alaap. Great track.

Do kadam (Meenaxi): One more from Meenaxi. In fact I like the entire album. There are no words to describe this album. Anyway, coming back to this song- give me chimes, bells and other tinkling stuff as background music and I can listen to it forever on a lazy afternoon.. It also has the melody of guitar. As some kinda bonus we have Sonu Nigam (aka feeling Raja) singing for us. Do kadam? Bah! I don’t mind taking two million steps with Sonu ;) I love the way he sings “Aao chale hum wahi, Do kadam aur sahi”… So romantic..

Main Albeli (Zubeida): Three things I love about this track- Percussion: can’t get enough of it. Accordion: I go crazy whenever ARR uses
accordion. It sounds divine. and Kavitha: those who know me will be surprised but yes I think she has sung it well. Sukhwinder Singh does a good job too. The other songs I like from Zubeidaa are Chhodo More (by Richa Sharma), So Gaye and Pyara sa gaon (both sung by Lata Mangeshkar).

Dheemi Dheemi (1947 Earth): Rahman brings in the silent killer- Hariharan, for Dheemi Dheemi. It’s packed with romance and poetry. Rahman sticks to the melody and plays around with mild chords. He is a master when it comes to that. I feel the song could have had some nice harmony. Just a thought.

Manmohini (Yuvraaj): This classical fusion is my favorite from Yuvraaj. The film’s a dud, who cares, we have Vijay Prakash (the guy who sang Cheeni Kum). Yayy! The Mysore boy steals the show. A great east meets west track.

Tu Bole Main Boloon (Jaane Tu ya Jaane na): And all that jazz! Rahman gives us a jazz number with drums, trumpet and clarinet. He proves himself to be the only musician who dares to explore a genre such as jazz.

Piya Ho (Water) : Piya ho which is based on Raag Lalit is slow and reminds you of a calm river, with lot of emotions underneath. The song starts off with mild chords and vocals. Apparently ARR missed out on Oscars in 2006. I feel this to be a better album when compared to Slumdog.

Sarfaroshi ki tamanna (The lengend of Bhagat Singh) : I get goosbumps whenever I listen to it. Sonu and Hariharan get together to sing this masterpiece… Composed in Raag Des (not pure form of Des ) it starts off with no percussions; just flute, Sitar and santoor. A Fantabulous number.

Shauk Hai (Guru): The soft piano in Shauk hai is enhanced by Sowmya rao’s evocative singing. Rahman and Gulzar create a wishful world. love this line - “Neend ki goliyon ka, khwab ki loriyon ka.. Bezubaan aus ki boliyon ka .. shauk hai”.

Pyar yeh jaane kaisa (Rangeela): Violins ..violins.. Love the violins used here. ARR, you are the best.

Paigham laaya saawan (Lakeer): Based on Raag Darbari, Paigham is a sweet romantic track. But what was ARR thinking when he made Shaan sing? But the composition is so beautiful you forgive him. Next time Rahman, please don't make this guy sing...

Rasiya (Mangal Pandey - the Rising): Richa sharma sings “o chaliya o rasiya” effortlessly. And the GUITAR! Love the guitar chords played. Spanish mixed Indian tune is just B-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l and so is its haunting chorus.

Door na jaa mujhse (Sapnay): The groovy beat and shifty notes make this an extremely enjoyable number. SPB, who IMHO is the best playback singer we have, sings it with lot of passion (his accent forgiven). The best part of this composition is its antara which is just perfect. Can’t be improvised further. It sounds better in Tamil though..

Ada: Title song of this album is the best, sung by Parul Mishra. The track has subtle back vocals and guitar but it completely belongs to the vocalist. Other tracks that I like are Milo Wahaan (classy number which has cello, Violin and just a dafli beat in the background) and Mehrabaan (sung by ARR). Fabulous is the word. If you haven’t bought this album go grab it child!

Aahista Aahista (Swades): Thanks to a friend of mine who made me listen to this song, I got introduced to Raag Charukeshi. The lullaby is intoxicating. When ARR brings in Santoor you just glide in reverie. This hundred stringed instrument, is my current favorite, apart from accordion that is.

There. I did it. Needless to say I have thoroughly enjoyed myself writing this post.

So fraands go ahead and add songs which you think went unnoticed.

p.s. I have intentionally not included his Tamil, telugu, non-filmi and international albums. I think the list would be endless :)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Ah! I remember you

I am thrilled. My music teacher still remembers me! I mean my very first guru whom I haven’t met since 15 years or so, still remembers me as a good student. Yay! She recognized me when I went to meet her last week. Wooohooo.. I rock!

I started learning music at a tender age of *ahem* … err ok will start again.. –
When my Dad got transferred to Hubli, many years ago, I was extremely unhappy to leave Bangalore. I threw tantrums and cried for a month. After a couple of months dad and mom (who couldn’t take my “I want to go back to Bangalore” whine any longer) made me join some music class (vocal. I can’t play no instrument) very close to our house. And Mrs Shirodkar was my first music teacher who taught Hindustani classical music. Initially I never liked going to class coz there were no friends to learn along with. But as the classes progressed I came to love music (I still do). I wouldn’t be exaggerating if I say it’s from here that I started my journey of music which, by the way, has been very eventful.
This time when I visited Hubli, I thought of saying ‘hi’ to my guru and was delighted when she said she still talks to her family about me. Well that’s something for me to feel elated about isn’t it?

Friday, February 20, 2009

What a day ..

OKAY I give up. I cannot change this world. I have to accept the fact that people have forgotten the word “sorry” and people are &$#*@ insensitive. Come on how difficult is to say sorry and accept your mistake? There has been a delay in my realization apparently coz Maanu was not too surprised when I narrated an incident to her.
This happened yesterday, while going to office. I was muttering and singing (at the same time, yes) while riding and suddenly this guy takes a U turn without any indication. I halt just an inch away from his bike; I balance quite well. *clap clap clap*.. I send a silent thank you to God. Obviously I am annoyed and ask him
Me: Oye, what the F.. err heck?
Insensitive Bike guy: what?
Me: Cant you apologise?”
Insensitive Bike guy: what?
And moves
Me: WTF? Cant you accept its your mistake? *loud* .. He zooms taking another turn.

Why are people so insensitive?
Am I taking this a bit too far? Yes? Ok ok maybe I am.. So what? I can say whatever I wanna say. Take it wherever I want to. It’s a democratic country.

My day ended well though :) watched EVAM's Hamlet - the original spoof.. The play was hilarious. Karthik, TMK and Sunil were hilarious. We all loghed and loghed and loghed ....

Friday, February 13, 2009

Random Thoughts - 2

I go pffttt grrr %$#*@ when....

-When autorikshaw drivers/vegetable vendors/bus conductors speak in hindi instead of KannaDa. “kahaan jaana hai madam?” We all must sing the famous song from Prema Loka - "KannaDa barodilvaa...?"

-When people (non Bangaloreans, yes) pronouns KannaDa as “Kannad”.. *sigh* Just have to live with it I suppose.

-When women in bus (boo hoo had to travel in BTS for a week) talk loud and walk all over my feet and dont even apologise after that. *eyes watering* "that's alright, I like the pain. Sweet agony" .

-When people raise their eyebrows and say - "ooohh you are from that college-aaa?" as though we are outcasts. Yes smarty pants. We drink, dope and dance naked?? Any problem?

-When my married colleagues (ex-colleagues actually, the present one's mind their own business, sweet) show concern over my future (unknown) married life. They ask- “you STILL haven’t learnt how to cook?” *gasp* oh Lord! it’s a crime isn't it under IPC section -fill number-? They'll put me behind bars isn't it? Noooooooooooo....

-When people (read Non Veggies) ask me “Are you a veggie?” .. I say yes, they continue - “ you are missing something in life” or “how can you not eat meat?” or *with a smirk* “you really don’t wanna taste this chicken/fish/crab/octopus/other slimy stuff”.. For the 900,689,455th time, NO. I have no wish to eat fish/chicken/crab/other creepy crawly slimy stuff which might have had other animals'/humans'/ birds' shit/waste/litter. *YUCK*

-When people ask me to sing and then talk some random stuff - "andhaage, nim maga Mahesha innu alle kelsa maaDtidaana"? Madve yaavaaga?" Ugh!! And I have to sit and wait for them to finish. After a while- “ohhoo sorry pa.. sorry, shuru maaDu".. What do I do? RUN of course .. Nah I just smile and say "parvagilla aunty/uncle"

-When people chat during concerts. I mean, why come there and talk? I once sat next to two ladies who went on and on and on about their neighbor’s daughter who had delivered a baby -"oooo what a fat baby she delivered! healthy veryy healthy" (in tamil). I couldn’t change my seat as the place was packed. My tolerance level peaked when one of them said “I hope this boy (artist, yes) finishes his Hindustani sangeetham soon. It is so boring”. Huh? "This is not Carnatic music concert Maami... Remember you were given an invite? Did you use it while frying appalam? (for KannaDigas, its HappaLa). Ah thought as much." I was fuming ...

-Mirakul ad on Etv Kannada channel. Whatever..

-Atif Aslam. His flat and tuneless singing will kill us all someday. Somebody just shoot him. This World needs peace.. Shoot him. please please pretty please...

-Reality show hosts get on my nerves. Why do they scream so much? "AAJ HAMAARE SAATH HAI THE ONE AND ONLY, SUPER HOT..." Yapppaaa...IRRITATING..

-A pothole near my office. Nothing, just felt like including it here.

That's all...

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Year year!

“Yayy it’s my birthday” says my blog. “It’s been a tough ride my friends, with only few readers. But heyyy *in SRK style* I am not complaining about readership. It’s the journey that counts. So what if nothing meaningful has been written here? *sees someone smirking” Don’t you smirk! *regains composure* . Happy birthday to me” my blog concludes, smiling.

Friends’, family and others thanks a lot for reading all my posts and hope you will continue to do so :-D

Sene mein dum(b)...

Ravana Sene News Services

Reporter to Ravana Sene member: "Saar Saar.. please quote on Ravana Sene’s Valentines day plan?"

Sene Activist1 (SA1)- “The public will definitely thank us, for we now have the best way to beat recession. Low cost marriage anyone? *laughs* Sene is very happy to announce..”

(Another activist, SA2 comes running towards SA1 (uff! No, they are not a couple) to give some gossip)

SA1: “What!” *gasp* “Renuka Chowdry, with her proper make-up and Cotton silk saree, is unavailable for her comments? Now how do we get our publicity? *winks* You see she always helps us with her retorts. *laughs*

Reporter: "Saar please quote saar.."

SA1: huh yes where was I.. hmm yes.. You see there are people like, well let’s not name those rich men, who get high profile weddings arranged for their sons and daughters *laughs again* and who don’t think about poor people, specially in such circumstances…..

(SA2 almost breaks SA1’s ribs and says-“ thuu nimmajji, talk about culture, morals, values, etc that make our Sene run. This is not election campaign” *gives a dirty look*.

SA1: “Yes yes *rubbing his almost broken rib*, as I was saying, in order to curb economic recession and to protect our Indian culture we are organizing this mass wedding on Valentines Day. On this occasion I would like to thank Archies and Hallmark. If not for them we wouldn’t have noticed this auspicious day. You see we don’t want to copy weshtern culture for the sake of copying. There has to be some Indian-ness in it no?”

Reporter: "Thank you saar".

Later the reporter had to bear the torture of listening to Sene activists theme song Taalibaan alla alla.. bin laDen alwe alllaa.. avn hoDdidd building ge naan hoDdidd hrudayakke misunderstanding beDa.. la la la la la

If you are wondering what the hell am I blabbering about, read this:

So all you couples’ who have been planning for a wedding and are worried about global recession, go out on 14th Feb and get free video coverage. Coz according to Sene on 14th:

‘It has formed five teams. They will roam around Bangalore with a video camera and turmeric stub. If they find young couples dating, they will force them to wed on the spot. The couples will be taken to a sub-registrar’s office to solemnise the marriage’

So kindly ask your family members to hide behind a tree; once the Ravana Sene members spot you and give you turmeric stub (!) you can call your folks - “pssssssssssstt psssssssssssstt.. bega banni muhurtha meer hogtide”.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Diary Speaks

I have this brilliant idea my friends, err well it’s not surprising that it comes from me coz I have always been a brilliant kid ha!. Why do I get this feeling that no one believes me? Anyway that’s not the point. I have this idea to start a new series on my blog - “Dear Diary”. I plan to enter random stuff that nobody wants to read or care about. You can contribute as well- in the comments section, please. This is going to be very boring if you haven’t already guessed. You see I have always wondered how it would be to have an online diary (you say Twitter?), so here I am with my “Dear Diary series”.

1/23/09, Friday, 11.15 AM

Dear Diary,

Happy Friday! But I feel it isn’t as happy as I thought it would be. Coz I am bored. I wanna go home. I am done with a meeting which seemed like it would never end and cancelled another one. Its Friday and I wanna go home early.. But I don’t see that coming as I have work.. lots of work…
I think I have lost it, to have started something as stupid as “Dear Diary series”. This is good enough for me to join “Get a life you moron” club.

1/23/09, Friday, 11.40 AM

Dear Diary,

I have never really liked having diaries. Writing secrets in a diary and then keeping an eye on it (you see I have such wonderful friends who are way too inquisitive) is too much of a trouble .. But I do remember as a child I had a black diary (how typical!) and for three days I wrote about things which were insignificant , such as - “Today I fought with XYZ as he stole my rubber (yeah yeah its an eraser, bleddy convent kids) and threw my book out of the window” .. “Mrs V made our entire class stand on the bench because we were throwing paper balls at each other”... "We always thought Miss M was one sweet little forgetful loony hag. But how did she remember that I had to re-do my essay on “Hindi bhaasha aur uske mahtva?”

Fourth day, I was too lazy to write.

*I am surprised that you are still reading this post*

1/22/08, Wednesday, 11.52 AM

Dear Diary,

I am just trying to fool you.. ha ha. Its 1/23/09, Friday, 1.46 PM muhahahha,…. stupid diary.


1/23/09, Friday, 03.45 PM

Dear Diary,

I find you very boring. You don’t even realise that I am typing with one hand.. I tend to type faster with coffee in one hand. Maybe it’s the Caffeine that gives me energy.

1/23/09, Friday, 5.35 PM

Dear Diary,
I will stop this nonsense.

1/23/09, Friday, 7.35 PM

Dear Diary,

Are you still expecting me to write something?
ah! well here you go "s-o-m-e-t-h-i-n-g"

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Hosa varusha tarali namage harusha :)

Happy new year everyone!!
May the year 2009 be filled with peace, happiness and prosperity..
May the stock markets flourish..may there be less traffic .. may the petrol prices come down.. may everyone get a good raise..
I know I know I am very materialistic :D what to do we are like this only!