Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Time for some abuse. Kutte... Kaminey...

It's raining as I type these words. And I am loving it :D
and I find myself humming - Abke sajan saawan mein

Ok thought I'll give my readers (?) an update on what 's happening in my life. I promise to keep it short.
Most of the time (Day/night) I am working. Yes people can see me online for about 18 hours (I expect you to pity me as you read this sentence) on any given day.

Currently, I am addicted to Kaminey. Vishal Bharadwaj has given us yet another off-beat musical treat. Listen to the title song and I am sure you'll fall in love with it. I am also sure you'll blink and wonder- "How does Vishal make the word 'kaminey' sound so beautiful?"

Apart from this there is nothing else happening in my life.

I will leave you with a famous auto raja quote:

Love maaDidre romance
ildidre nimhans

(Translation - If you do love romance, if not no, NIMHANS)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Oh so weird!

I have decided to be the greatest weirdo ever to have walked this planet. How? Well with nothing interesting to write (no surprises there) I have decided to come up with 7 weird facts about me-myself-I. Didn't have to think too much.
Why 7, you ask? Simply. I like this number.
Anyway, let me present to you the degree of my weirdness:

(1) This might not be just me, bet there are many others with me. First thing I notice when I meet someone is his/her hand. I have a fixation of looking at other people’s hand. I like people with well maintained hand. Long, dirty nails make me barf. Guy with long nails, you please stay away from me. A guy with long painted nails? Forget it.

(2) I don’t like being in crowded places. Too many people around make me cranky. I get claustrophobic. I sometimes go inside my shell or become very defensive. I pick up an argument, feel grumpy. I mean, do anything to get out of that place. Incidentally my sister has always been targeted in such situations. Poor you ~A, sorry bout it eh. Ok? Ok.

(3) People who write with their left hand get my attention immediately. I just can’t stop looking at them “left-ies” writing. It is so nice to watch them write with their hand tilted a bit, pen kept in some-what position. I feel very sad when they stop writing.

(4) I can’t relax if I see a girl/woman’s dupatta/scarf hanging very close to the wheel of a two-wheeler. Many a times I have followed such vehicles to utter these powerful words -“hello hello your duppatta”.

(5) My source of entertainment while travelling to/fro office is stuff written behind autorickshaws. I find them intriguing. They are thought provoking and inspiring. They all come with a social message mind you. In fact I suggest all you love sick boys go take lessons from our auto rajas’. Sample this:
Ammaninde odre anna
UDugi hinde odre suNNa*

Profound, don’t you think? There are many such famous quotes. Maybe my friend Adi can add some popular quotes.
*plis let me know if you wanting translation.

(6) I am petrified of ceiling fans. I am scared to sit or sleep underneath a fan coz I feel it might just fall on me and cut me into pieces. Are you grossed out? Jesht you imagine my plight. Even a slightest noise from it freaks me out.

(7) I couldn’t come up with the seventh one. I ran out of thoughts.

I will now shut up. But not bounce bwahahaha..

You know what, I'll make this one a tag. heeeeeeheeeeee.. I love tagging people.

I tag:
Maanasi : 7 might not be enough for her :P Maanu, increase the number if required.
Swaram: Yey! first time tagging her. You'll take it up no? :P
Gazal: Tagging Gazal for the first time and I am sure she'll come up with something interesting :)
Adi: New names for him - London huccha, thames-nan-maga etc. Share your thoughts with us Dubai babu.
Meg: ;) Nice nice things she'll write about her weirdness.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Lame Post

Most of them find gtalk conversation blog posts ridiculous. But you know me, I like such stuff. Anything weird, lame, not so lame, avoidable, unnecessary things get my attention, and I, in turn write about them and entertain you (who is disagreeing I say?). Look, that’s called public service.

I think it’s high time I did one real-conversation-copy-paste-post.

I present to you The Cartoons. This conversation happened between three beautiful girls.
Yes. We call ourselves beautiful, pretty, pulchritudinous, gorgeous and other similar adjectives.
Now that I have your attention I can proceed with the copy-paste job.

And by the way you can skip if you have decided to watch that godforsaken saif-deepika padukone movie.

Warning: Spoilers ahead

Cartoon 3: C2 u there?
cartoon 1: You've been invited to this chat room!
cartoon 2: yes
cartoon 1: i was telling C2 love aaj kal story
cartoon 2: ya tell ya
Cartoon 3: Tell tell
cartoon 1: saif ali khan and deepika padukone are brothers and sisters in kal
in aaj..they are lovers
that love yesterday was different....
brother sister love
story today's different - lovers
cartoon 1: saif loves his sistaaar so much that he does not want to be separated
cartoon 2: not twins??
cartoon 1: so god tells..beta..jao...usse shaadi karo
Cartoon 3: what bout that other girl?
cartoon 2: chi
cartoon 1: atleast few minutes you will not be separate
the other girl is saif's mum in aaj
Cartoon 3: ok.. what will she be in Kal?
cartoon 1: kal..she's evil sorceress
Cartoon 3: who tries to kill deepika and saif?
cartoon 1: no no...
she doesn’t try to kill them
she tries to be born as their child
Cartoon 3: but how come there is no homo angle to this?
cartoon 1: arre...not everything has homo angle
Cartoon 3: che
cartoon 1: ok..ok..
Cartoon 3: C2 is asleep i think
cartoon 1: it was supposed to be a surprise
but since you are asking so nicely
i'll tell
Cartoon 3: twist that was no?
cartoon 1: yes yes
saif ali khan is actually a homo
Cartoon 3: how i guessed it off no?
cartoon 1: god also laughed like that..muhahahahahahah
but since he has promised god he'll be together, he's married to her
cartoon 2: holy crap
Cartoon 3: heheh
hmm this is another path breaking movie
cartoon 2: wait now i will attempt
Saif ali Khan is a surd
from Punjab.. that is his Kal..
Deepika padukone is his neighbor
Cartoon 3: ohho.. then there is a murder
cartoon 2: C1 u wnat to add?
cartoon 1: what?
Cartoon 3: C1
add ya
next is what
cartoon 1: murder??
Cartoon 3: you were sleeping aa?
cartoon 1: sorry sorry

i like my brather sistaar story better
atleast it has incest twist to it

Cartoon 3: teehee
cartoon 2: k C3 lets make a nice story
Cartoon 1: yes
do it that
cartoon 2: not the brother sister tale
Cartoon 3: ok ya..
I have one good twist for that
cartoon 1: tell ya
C2 is well versed with ghosts
she can add
Cartoon 3: hahah yes :)
(This is a private joke. I understand if you would like to ignore this)
Cartoon 2: wait
(connection lost)

Cartoon 3: what happened?
Cartoon 1: Cartoon 2 said nimajji
i said make bajji
Cartoon 3: sreeshant
Cartoon 1: appam *&%^$?

what's he doing?
Cartoon 3: no u said bajji (Bhajji)
so i said sreeshant
Cartoon 2: hehehe
Again we lose connection. BSNL I tell you.. lousiness personified.

(after sometime. C2 comes up with another version)

Cartoon 2: Saif is in love with Deepika.But she is taller than him and she likes men who are her height or more and so to reach her height he ties a turban on his head.. deepika thinks saif is cute but she hates the the whole movie revolves around how deepika persuades him to take off the turban and what happens when she realises that Saif is shorter than her????U want to know if she will accept him with the turban or minus the few inches.. u must watch love aaj kal
Cartoon 3: hehehe this is turban aaj kal
Cartoon 2: its more like.. aaj turban.. kal??

Cartoon 1: is unavailable for comments

well now you all know the story. So don’t waste your money by watching this movie when it releases.

p.s. the music of this movie sucks.