Wednesday, December 30, 2009

year we go again...

This happens to me every year. I’m not kidding.

Sometime in November-
Friend 1: What ya? What plans for new years eve?
Me: Not decided. Will go out probably *grin*
Friend 1: *smirks*
Me: pppffftttt

End of November-
Friend 2: We are all planning to go to Goa. Wanna join?
Me: Sure! But hey wait .. hmm err I dunno. I have deadlines to meet at work.. blah blah blah.. *friend 2 rolls her eyes*.. I’ll let you know.
Friend 2: you’ll never come I know! *snorts*

Sometime in December-
Friend 1: *still smirking* so, where are you going? The Club-aa? Or some farm house-aa? Or Pub-aa?
Me: arrrghhhh! go away
Friend 1: *laughing* I know what you'll do on 31st, you'll watch DD1
Me: *throws water bottle at him. feels better*

Nearing 31st December-
People have nohing else to talk about for the rest of the week. They all ask the same dam(n) question. Cousins, friends, neighbors, the kid who just got out of school, all of them have plans. All, but me! I sulk.

Not that I am sulking now. Or am I? My folks avoid talking to me, exchange sly glances and about-to-laugh expressions.
On 31st night after dinner (I tend have dinner earlier than ever) you find me with a book in my left hand and a big bar of chocolate in my right. Seriously, thanks to the great wo/man who invented chocolate. You'd think a person ever lived without it! Bah.. Reminds me of a quote from Peanuts- Lucy Van Pelt says “All you really need is love, but a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt”

So people who sail in the same boat as mine, bwahahahahah.. have a blast watching Titanic on star movies or Gurdasmann on DD or reading a nice book or watching a chick flick
feel good movie. Relax. You shall be relaxed throughout the year *guffaws* .Like how we used to study on 31st to maintain that intensity for the rest of the year. hahah silliness I say.
Anyway rest of you, well, you guys have a blast too. Just make sure you are back before the clock strikes 1 if you are a Bangalorean. As if...

Happy New Year! Have a great year ahead :)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Heppy Heppy Budday

This is for someone very special to me.
Someone with whom I have had mindless arguments, senseless pillow fights and silly “I will never talk to you again” moments
Someone with whom I have sung songs all day, climbed trees and inherited few atrocious clothes
Someone who has been my idol since I can remember

Someone who makes me laugh till I beg for mercy
Someone who is with me always
Someone who loves me unconditionally
Someone I am possessive of
Someone who is beautiful, intelligent, caring, emotional and a cleanfreak

This post is for my sister.
Happy birthday ‘chinnaaaa’ heh heh :D (sorry that's our family joke, might not be funny at all)

lou you ya..

Of course there is a song dedication. This one is for you bebbiee. For all those sleepless nights you (we) spent practicing this track. Those were the days no? ;)