Thursday, April 23, 2009

Ek do Teen...

Swaram has tagged me to do this number tag. Boy! This tag really got me thinking. Thanks Swaram :D
Here’s my take.

1: No of years - since I started blogging (actually a lil more than a year)

2: No of Bands I have been a part of- I wish I could go NOW and perform on stage.

3: No of schools I have changed - I initially studied in Stella Maris (Bangalore), then moved to Hubli and studied in Rotary School and then joined HJKP (go figure what it stands for) in Bangalore once we were back (I think the details were unnecessary, however I thought I'll include ;))

4: Hours (max) that I have spoken over the phone- One fateful day I had two back to back calls and it lasted 4 hours. Phew.

5: pairs of jeans I have - all blue in color :p but different shades of course

6: Teams I have worked with – in three different firms. I particularly enjoyed those initial days of my career. Some people were inexplicable and few others got on my nerves. But I had fun. My current team rocks *grin*

7: years old when I recorded songs on our tape-recorder– I used to sing prior to that as well I believe, but this is my earliest memory. I’d sing songs from Qayamat se Qayamat Taq non stop (Side A then Side B). I can still do that!

8: I can’t do without – Music, my family, my friends, books, food, water, Internet and phone (not in that order).

9: No of traffic signals- I come across while driving back home. Signals are no fun at all. You’ll have people just staring at nothing. People who talk loud on their cell phones; there are other creeps who stare at girls- its so annoying; couples’ who make out (seriously. get a room); beggar mafia, eunuchs, people who sell stuff and many more. Maybe I can write a separate post on it :P

10: April 10th – was never fond of it when in school. Exam result time you see ;)

Yayy I did it .. Now, I tag:
Maanasi: Coz I want to
Prax : Coz he has been very lazy of late
Poornima: To make her write more :)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

New and Improved!

Alright people, I need feedback. What do you think of my blogs’ new look?
Do I keep it or get back to my simple sweet old template?
Opinion/feedback/suggestion/gift/iPod/Merc needed ASAP..
No, I just thought asap will make you look up and take notice. Some people might not even notice. But some do. Wondering what am I blithering about? Don't. You do your work.
Vote Yes or No.