Thursday, August 20, 2009


My friend Maanasi, after listening to my rendition here, decided to come up with a video, on YouTube. She worked on it for few hours and voila! here is the first look. She says this is her first attempt, but I don't believe her. Coz it looks very artistic with all the right pictures, matching the mood of this composition.
The pictures shared in this video are by Megi and Deepak (excellent photographers, both of them. Probably it runs in the family :)) Thank you folks! :)

And thank you Maans. You are the best :)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Almost four years ago I stepped inside a recording studio to come up with a demo CD. I was actually threatened by a friend of mine with dire consequences if I had not done this, so to save my life I decided to sing few solo tracks.

One of them was a classical bandish in Raag Puriya Dhanasri.

I recently got in touch with Chandra from Wiredbeats who volunteered to come up with a mix (of this bandish). I readily agreed coz this was something new and I was very excited about it.

I wanted to share it with you folks. And so here I am with the link (use headphones please).

He has done an amazing job and I am sure you’ll agree.

Thank you so much, Chandra :)

Hope you like it. I look forward to your feedback :)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

S for? Silly

Swaram has asked me to do this short and sweet tag. In her own words - "It takes very less time and its fun". I so agree with you. Thanks Swaram :)

I am glad to be doing something different after a long time. Something that does not involve reading/writing reports and filling complex templates. sigh!

Okay the rule is that you gotto answer all the questions with the first letter of your name. Ok? ready? Alright here I go:

1. What is your name: Sensational Shruthi. Corny eh?

2. A four Letter Word: Swim

3. A boy’s Name: Shikari Shambu

4. A girl’s Name: Samantha Fox

5. An occupation: Sound recordist/music arranger. That would be fun :D

6. A colour: Scarlett (o' Hara?)

7. Something you wear: T ‘S’hirt

8. Food: Saaru (also known as Rasam (for non-kannaDigas). Tastes heaven when cooked by Mom.

9. Something found in the bathroom: Surf Excel. Of course it is not for me!

10. A place: South Malleshwaram (I mean southern part of Malleshwaram. huh ok Thanksu)

11. A reason for being late: Sleep

12. Something you shout: SHUT UP! Only to myself

13. A movie title: SP Sangliana (I couldn’t think of any other movie) Btw SP Sangliana is a Kannada movie which I haven't watched unfortunately.

Edit : Schindler's List. I thought I should include atleast one sane answer.

14. Something you drink: Sea Breeze. Yes, sometimes I can be sophisticated.

15. A musical group: Strings. err actually I don’t like them.

16. An animal: Stag

17. A street name: Seventeenth Cross Malleshwaram

18. A type of car: ‘S’McLaren

19. Something scary: Soap opera actresses without make up

(are you still reading this list? I 'salute')

20. Ice cream flavour: Sundae. Hot chocolate fudge at Corner house yummmmmmmmmmmm…

Didn't the title warn you?