Monday, October 24, 2011


My 1 year 7 months old niece (aka Puttudu on Full Meals) and I were busy arranging building blocks (our favorite game) today. While building a particularly difficult tower we heard crackers being burst. Her eyes widened when she heard 'dham dham'

Me: (sounding excited) Yenadu? (translated: What is it?)

Puttudu: grins and says "dham dham dhamaar"

Me: yes correct. Thats pataaki. say 'pa'

Puttudu: 'pa'

Me: 'taa'

Puttudu: 'taaaaaa'

Me: 'ki'

Puttudu: ki

Me: Pataaki

Puttudu: Kapaki

and thus began the Kapaki chant.

This is just the beginning of my deepavali celebration with Puttudu. I am loving it!

All you lovely people have fun. I wish you a very Happy Deepavali :)