Friday, February 20, 2009

What a day ..

OKAY I give up. I cannot change this world. I have to accept the fact that people have forgotten the word “sorry” and people are &$#*@ insensitive. Come on how difficult is to say sorry and accept your mistake? There has been a delay in my realization apparently coz Maanu was not too surprised when I narrated an incident to her.
This happened yesterday, while going to office. I was muttering and singing (at the same time, yes) while riding and suddenly this guy takes a U turn without any indication. I halt just an inch away from his bike; I balance quite well. *clap clap clap*.. I send a silent thank you to God. Obviously I am annoyed and ask him
Me: Oye, what the F.. err heck?
Insensitive Bike guy: what?
Me: Cant you apologise?”
Insensitive Bike guy: what?
And moves
Me: WTF? Cant you accept its your mistake? *loud* .. He zooms taking another turn.

Why are people so insensitive?
Am I taking this a bit too far? Yes? Ok ok maybe I am.. So what? I can say whatever I wanna say. Take it wherever I want to. It’s a democratic country.

My day ended well though :) watched EVAM's Hamlet - the original spoof.. The play was hilarious. Karthik, TMK and Sunil were hilarious. We all loghed and loghed and loghed ....

Friday, February 13, 2009

Random Thoughts - 2

I go pffttt grrr %$#*@ when....

-When autorikshaw drivers/vegetable vendors/bus conductors speak in hindi instead of KannaDa. “kahaan jaana hai madam?” We all must sing the famous song from Prema Loka - "KannaDa barodilvaa...?"

-When people (non Bangaloreans, yes) pronouns KannaDa as “Kannad”.. *sigh* Just have to live with it I suppose.

-When women in bus (boo hoo had to travel in BTS for a week) talk loud and walk all over my feet and dont even apologise after that. *eyes watering* "that's alright, I like the pain. Sweet agony" .

-When people raise their eyebrows and say - "ooohh you are from that college-aaa?" as though we are outcasts. Yes smarty pants. We drink, dope and dance naked?? Any problem?

-When my married colleagues (ex-colleagues actually, the present one's mind their own business, sweet) show concern over my future (unknown) married life. They ask- “you STILL haven’t learnt how to cook?” *gasp* oh Lord! it’s a crime isn't it under IPC section -fill number-? They'll put me behind bars isn't it? Noooooooooooo....

-When people (read Non Veggies) ask me “Are you a veggie?” .. I say yes, they continue - “ you are missing something in life” or “how can you not eat meat?” or *with a smirk* “you really don’t wanna taste this chicken/fish/crab/octopus/other slimy stuff”.. For the 900,689,455th time, NO. I have no wish to eat fish/chicken/crab/other creepy crawly slimy stuff which might have had other animals'/humans'/ birds' shit/waste/litter. *YUCK*

-When people ask me to sing and then talk some random stuff - "andhaage, nim maga Mahesha innu alle kelsa maaDtidaana"? Madve yaavaaga?" Ugh!! And I have to sit and wait for them to finish. After a while- “ohhoo sorry pa.. sorry, shuru maaDu".. What do I do? RUN of course .. Nah I just smile and say "parvagilla aunty/uncle"

-When people chat during concerts. I mean, why come there and talk? I once sat next to two ladies who went on and on and on about their neighbor’s daughter who had delivered a baby -"oooo what a fat baby she delivered! healthy veryy healthy" (in tamil). I couldn’t change my seat as the place was packed. My tolerance level peaked when one of them said “I hope this boy (artist, yes) finishes his Hindustani sangeetham soon. It is so boring”. Huh? "This is not Carnatic music concert Maami... Remember you were given an invite? Did you use it while frying appalam? (for KannaDigas, its HappaLa). Ah thought as much." I was fuming ...

-Mirakul ad on Etv Kannada channel. Whatever..

-Atif Aslam. His flat and tuneless singing will kill us all someday. Somebody just shoot him. This World needs peace.. Shoot him. please please pretty please...

-Reality show hosts get on my nerves. Why do they scream so much? "AAJ HAMAARE SAATH HAI THE ONE AND ONLY, SUPER HOT..." Yapppaaa...IRRITATING..

-A pothole near my office. Nothing, just felt like including it here.

That's all...

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Year year!

“Yayy it’s my birthday” says my blog. “It’s been a tough ride my friends, with only few readers. But heyyy *in SRK style* I am not complaining about readership. It’s the journey that counts. So what if nothing meaningful has been written here? *sees someone smirking” Don’t you smirk! *regains composure* . Happy birthday to me” my blog concludes, smiling.

Friends’, family and others thanks a lot for reading all my posts and hope you will continue to do so :-D

Sene mein dum(b)...

Ravana Sene News Services

Reporter to Ravana Sene member: "Saar Saar.. please quote on Ravana Sene’s Valentines day plan?"

Sene Activist1 (SA1)- “The public will definitely thank us, for we now have the best way to beat recession. Low cost marriage anyone? *laughs* Sene is very happy to announce..”

(Another activist, SA2 comes running towards SA1 (uff! No, they are not a couple) to give some gossip)

SA1: “What!” *gasp* “Renuka Chowdry, with her proper make-up and Cotton silk saree, is unavailable for her comments? Now how do we get our publicity? *winks* You see she always helps us with her retorts. *laughs*

Reporter: "Saar please quote saar.."

SA1: huh yes where was I.. hmm yes.. You see there are people like, well let’s not name those rich men, who get high profile weddings arranged for their sons and daughters *laughs again* and who don’t think about poor people, specially in such circumstances…..

(SA2 almost breaks SA1’s ribs and says-“ thuu nimmajji, talk about culture, morals, values, etc that make our Sene run. This is not election campaign” *gives a dirty look*.

SA1: “Yes yes *rubbing his almost broken rib*, as I was saying, in order to curb economic recession and to protect our Indian culture we are organizing this mass wedding on Valentines Day. On this occasion I would like to thank Archies and Hallmark. If not for them we wouldn’t have noticed this auspicious day. You see we don’t want to copy weshtern culture for the sake of copying. There has to be some Indian-ness in it no?”

Reporter: "Thank you saar".

Later the reporter had to bear the torture of listening to Sene activists theme song Taalibaan alla alla.. bin laDen alwe alllaa.. avn hoDdidd building ge naan hoDdidd hrudayakke misunderstanding beDa.. la la la la la

If you are wondering what the hell am I blabbering about, read this:

So all you couples’ who have been planning for a wedding and are worried about global recession, go out on 14th Feb and get free video coverage. Coz according to Sene on 14th:

‘It has formed five teams. They will roam around Bangalore with a video camera and turmeric stub. If they find young couples dating, they will force them to wed on the spot. The couples will be taken to a sub-registrar’s office to solemnise the marriage’

So kindly ask your family members to hide behind a tree; once the Ravana Sene members spot you and give you turmeric stub (!) you can call your folks - “pssssssssssstt psssssssssssstt.. bega banni muhurtha meer hogtide”.