Saturday, July 24, 2010


Firstly, thank you all for your suggestions. Helped me, really. My sleep pattern is 'new and improved' *clap clap clap*. Now I feel like those infomercial folks. You know those Sauna belt teleshopping programmes which are dubbed in hindi/kannada/telegu/tamil/gujarati? You have seen them right, how they have a 'before and after' expression? Same to same my expression. Jokes apart, thanks people :)

And about the whole profoundness that bothered me (yeah yeah - selfish/selfless) was due to a weird phase that I was going through. Thanks for being so kind and answering my directionless question.

Moving on, this is my 56th post! whoopeee (1030 odd days & 56 posts? err FINE laugh laugh.. pppffttt). So as I was saying , you can send in gifts, chocolates, pastries, dinner coupons.. oh wait on second thoughts send cornflakes, apples, low cal gajar ka halwa, cucumber, and other such low-fat edible items *snff*

and this song is dedicated to all you lovelies. Hope you like it :D