Thursday, May 15, 2008


Yayy!!! Birthdays' always are so special ain't it! Every year you wait for it... At least I wait for my Birthday! Wait for the wishes.. Gifts... money.. muhahahah! I can throw tantrums.. *wink* This time its no different people. I'll get gifts (whoever is reading this, you better give me something nice, iPod for instance), some money ;)), clothes... I get to eat loads of sweets. Mum, I am sure, will make Paaysa and some of my other favourite sweet dishes.. Ah! Bliss... bliss!Hopefully my sis will bake a cake just for me :P... Whoa! Makes me wanna celebrate my birthday now!!!!!!!!!!

*grinning* *feeling greedy* Oh Oh Oh wait a minute.............. I am growing old :(