Thursday, April 23, 2009

Ek do Teen...

Swaram has tagged me to do this number tag. Boy! This tag really got me thinking. Thanks Swaram :D
Here’s my take.

1: No of years - since I started blogging (actually a lil more than a year)

2: No of Bands I have been a part of- I wish I could go NOW and perform on stage.

3: No of schools I have changed - I initially studied in Stella Maris (Bangalore), then moved to Hubli and studied in Rotary School and then joined HJKP (go figure what it stands for) in Bangalore once we were back (I think the details were unnecessary, however I thought I'll include ;))

4: Hours (max) that I have spoken over the phone- One fateful day I had two back to back calls and it lasted 4 hours. Phew.

5: pairs of jeans I have - all blue in color :p but different shades of course

6: Teams I have worked with – in three different firms. I particularly enjoyed those initial days of my career. Some people were inexplicable and few others got on my nerves. But I had fun. My current team rocks *grin*

7: years old when I recorded songs on our tape-recorder– I used to sing prior to that as well I believe, but this is my earliest memory. I’d sing songs from Qayamat se Qayamat Taq non stop (Side A then Side B). I can still do that!

8: I can’t do without – Music, my family, my friends, books, food, water, Internet and phone (not in that order).

9: No of traffic signals- I come across while driving back home. Signals are no fun at all. You’ll have people just staring at nothing. People who talk loud on their cell phones; there are other creeps who stare at girls- its so annoying; couples’ who make out (seriously. get a room); beggar mafia, eunuchs, people who sell stuff and many more. Maybe I can write a separate post on it :P

10: April 10th – was never fond of it when in school. Exam result time you see ;)

Yayy I did it .. Now, I tag:
Maanasi: Coz I want to
Prax : Coz he has been very lazy of late
Poornima: To make her write more :)

19 plate meals:

Swaram said...

Thanks! That was quick :)

HJKP - Himanshu Jyothi Kala Peetha
Malleswaram is one of my favourite areas in Bangalore; even now, I keep wandering there and do window shopping, it not anything else :P

Send me a few tapes to listen to; waiting for the traffic signal post, sounds interesting and yeah, me too hates Apr 10th to the power of infinity :(

Wanderlust said...

Wow, the number tag, I am blessed! :-) btw, added a new post on my blog just to please you. ;-)

Shruthi said...

@Swaram: You KNOW my school? :D people usually give me that look whenever I say Hymamshu. So I am pleasantly susrprised that you know :)
Malleshwaram is a cool place alwa? now there are many more food joints here. You should come and check.
and hehe the tape is in a bad condition.. I sound horrible as usual :p

@Poornima: Thanks :) Yes do take up the tag. and will go read your post now.

jargonjagran said...

Now lemme surmise and make this more more exciting

11 - The number of boyfriends you had

12 - the number of boyfriends you have

13- the number of boyfriends youll have

14 - The number of time you have tried

15 - the number of auto drivers who have made a pass at you

16 - the age at which you had ure first crush

17 - The age at which you figured you had a fantastic hairdo

18 - The number of "a lot of can happen over coffee " conversations ull have before you find your cup of tea

19 - The age at which you raised the finger

20 - The age at which some guy raised a finger at you

21 - The age at which you figured ure getting older

22 - You got used to it and avoided talking about your age

23 - Youre first Job ... Voila .. the grass is definitely greener

24 - You figured life was going nowehere

25 - ahmm ahmm ..should I continue

26 - ahmm ahmm ... when you learnt the delicate art of sliding under the rangoli

Shruthi said...

@Adi: Abbhaa!! Yen creativity! yen kathe. what a! Bhale bhale..
aadre yaakappa 26 kke nilsbiTTe.. innu 30 tanka hogbekittu..
by the by i likes this : "22 - You got used to it and avoided talking about your age" .. hehe :P
tumba ne thanksu ishTu exciting maaDidikke..

Swaram said...

Oh! Veena stores, Janata, Asha sweets, Shri Sagar and last I visited was that fud court I think.

Hosadhu enu bandhidhe?

Halli mane eega ashtu chennagilla antha kelhalpatte ;)

Wanderlust said...

Mission Accomplished! Check my blog.

Ranjitha said...

Nice blog shru

Will continue the numbers from Adis post :)

27: Number of entries in your blog till date

28: Age when you list out what you want to do before 30 :)

29: The date when your dear friend was born (Guess who! :P )

30: age at which you are actually old !

Shruthi said...

@Sawaram: Yaavdo hosdu, Balimo antha (I think) roof top restaurant aagide. Its in that coffee day building, on sampige road. Then there are few sugar cane shops. But my favorite is the one in front of that 6th cross bus stop. Have you been there? These thathas are there since ages selling sugar cane juice.

@Poornima: Thanks. Have commented as well :)

@Ranj: aiyoo! Continuation-aa? Ah… My age seems to be THE hot topic :p yes Ranj, I shall start planning for my 30th Birthday from now itself. Better be prepared :D
And good catch on the number of posts. I have never noticed it :)

Swaram said...

Hmmm, hogidhini. Old is gold ;)

Maanasi said...


Swaram said...

Mathe template change? Evergreen blog 'Attuned' :)

Shruthi said...

@Swaram : Hoon :p yaako ee template ishTa aaytu. So change maaDbitte :D

BrownPhantom said...

Hi Shruthi,
I too, was contemplating writing a post on number 9 :).

Shruthi said...

@BrownPhantom: hehe yes it deserves a post. Do write and will add if you have missed anything :)

Swaram said...

Longggggg time! Elli mayavagidhira :P

Swaram said...

Tagged girl; No post since long, so given u one since the blogworld is missing u :)

Shruthi said...

@Swaram, hehe howdu swalpa maayaa aagidde. Lil busy at office ashTe. Hope you are doing fine :) another tag! :D will check yours first

Prax said...
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