Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Oh so weird!

I have decided to be the greatest weirdo ever to have walked this planet. How? Well with nothing interesting to write (no surprises there) I have decided to come up with 7 weird facts about me-myself-I. Didn't have to think too much.
Why 7, you ask? Simply. I like this number.
Anyway, let me present to you the degree of my weirdness:

(1) This might not be just me, bet there are many others with me. First thing I notice when I meet someone is his/her hand. I have a fixation of looking at other people’s hand. I like people with well maintained hand. Long, dirty nails make me barf. Guy with long nails, you please stay away from me. A guy with long painted nails? Forget it.

(2) I don’t like being in crowded places. Too many people around make me cranky. I get claustrophobic. I sometimes go inside my shell or become very defensive. I pick up an argument, feel grumpy. I mean, do anything to get out of that place. Incidentally my sister has always been targeted in such situations. Poor you ~A, sorry bout it eh. Ok? Ok.

(3) People who write with their left hand get my attention immediately. I just can’t stop looking at them “left-ies” writing. It is so nice to watch them write with their hand tilted a bit, pen kept in some-what position. I feel very sad when they stop writing.

(4) I can’t relax if I see a girl/woman’s dupatta/scarf hanging very close to the wheel of a two-wheeler. Many a times I have followed such vehicles to utter these powerful words -“hello hello your duppatta”.

(5) My source of entertainment while travelling to/fro office is stuff written behind autorickshaws. I find them intriguing. They are thought provoking and inspiring. They all come with a social message mind you. In fact I suggest all you love sick boys go take lessons from our auto rajas’. Sample this:
Ammaninde odre anna
UDugi hinde odre suNNa*

Profound, don’t you think? There are many such famous quotes. Maybe my friend Adi can add some popular quotes.
*plis let me know if you wanting translation.

(6) I am petrified of ceiling fans. I am scared to sit or sleep underneath a fan coz I feel it might just fall on me and cut me into pieces. Are you grossed out? Jesht you imagine my plight. Even a slightest noise from it freaks me out.

(7) I couldn’t come up with the seventh one. I ran out of thoughts.

I will now shut up. But not bounce bwahahaha..

You know what, I'll make this one a tag. heeeeeeheeeeee.. I love tagging people.

I tag:
Maanasi : 7 might not be enough for her :P Maanu, increase the number if required.
Swaram: Yey! first time tagging her. You'll take it up no? :P
Gazal: Tagging Gazal for the first time and I am sure she'll come up with something interesting :)
Adi: New names for him - London huccha, thames-nan-maga etc. Share your thoughts with us Dubai babu.
Meg: ;) Nice nice things she'll write about her weirdness.

38 plate meals:

Maanasi said...

thu ninna!! :P weirdness apparently...i dont have any, if i may say so..i am as normal and sane as one can get humph!
and how do you sleep in summer???

Shruthi said...

@Maanu, hehe I need fan but i sleep away from it. swalpa aakaDe :P

smiley said...

Heheh.. nice it is.. thumbs up... I likes.. especially the one about ur sis becoming the punchin bag, can completely understand :p i have done that too..

Shruthi said...

@Smiley, Thanks :)
yeah. poor things these sisters are.. they tolerate everything.

Swaram said...

what a tag 2 come up with Shru .. just 2day mrng i was reading people who hv written y they r awesome n i thot someone will tag me for it soon
n i get to do a tag on y am weird.
Man proposes; God disposes ;)

2 - My sis does xactly dat .. I dont even know what crowd is when i get carried away by window shopping ;)

4 - Thatz weird? Then u hv me for company. I make the auto walas go close wherever they r n let them know; even when cars hv their doors open :P

5 - Super duper ;)

6 - My cousin is like that ... so i kinda understand wat it feels like ;)

Shruthi said...

@Swaram, guess all younger sisters are the same :P oh correct open car doors also catch my attention.
shall wait for you to do the tag ;) i'll get to see the weird side of Swaram. thats more intersting you know :D

theselfloveproject said...

I am left

enjoyed your post

Rohit Gore said...

Hey Shruthi

Thanks for that heads up!
And this one was a funny post. You kinda made me think about certain weird things about myself :-)


Shruthi said...

@shraddha, you are? lucky you. I have always tried writing with my left hand and I always end up making it look like an ecg report.

Shruthi said...

@Rohit, anytime. Am sure I'll see your entry among the top stories :)
and hehe you should come up with a list too about your weirdness quotient, its a nice stress buster :P

Nautankey said...

LOL...pretty cool and seriously this is not too weird,except the ceiling fan thingy may be. Autos in chennai have the same thing written..kinda boring "girl's age of marriage is 21" wish they were creative.

Shruthi said...

@Nautankey, hehe thanks. Then I am normal. wohoo.. people seem to think otherwise, though.
Yeah, was there in Chennai yesterday and mostly travelled by autos', unfortunately the stuff written behind them was in Tamil. *sniff* language barrier..
And me too hope to see more of you here :)

archana said...

why didnt you include the 7th item in thelist? that freaky saturday stuff of yours??infact that should be the 1st on youver lisht I say...

Shruthi said...

yo!!! what ya? teehee.. that and all I will not guiv ok.

Shruti SriHarsha said...

hey Bloghopped and must say had a nice good laugh reading it!!!
Especially the auto stuff..LOL

Prasad said...

ful meals...isit unimited :DDD my first time here so um jus wondering!

ooo i hav a foot thingy! if someones feet r no clean...itz a eeeeuuuuuuwww!

ooo atlast i see someone who likes lefties write!!! i alway got wierd look whn i write wit my left!

Shruthi said...

@Shruti, welcome. i 'm glad you liked my weirdness :D and yeah auto raja's quotes are so precious innit?
Thanks for dropping by and hope to see you here again :)

Shruthi said...

@Prasad, of course its unlimited. you are welcome anytime.
Hehe I seem to be meeting so many bloggers who are lefties! Envy all you people :P
thanks for stopping by and see you around :)

Ranjitha said...

I relate to "cannot sleep under the fan" ... i can sleep, but somehow cant keep staring at it.... I feel damn scared

And most of the auto walas have love failure i guess....
"Love is slow poison" "hudgirna nambadeda guru" blah blah
Its a nice time pass to read those while travelling and got nothing to do

Shruthi said...

@Ranj, hoon dou failure heeehee…
Ningu fan problem-aa? Why these fans make so much noise, I don get it.

Gazal said...

//I can’t relax if I see a girl/woman’s dupatta/scarf hanging very close to the wheel of a two-wheeler. Many a times I have followed such vehicles to utter these powerful words -“hello hello your duppatta”//

have done that so many times.But have to say sometimes people are thankful while at other times...thay have a look that says"whats your problem??"

am going to get crushed under the pressure of those expectations.

Shruthi said...

@Gazal, really? That’s appalling! Such ungrateful people aren’t they? But it doesn’t stop us from telling them, again and again :)

BrownPhantom said...

A lil bit of mroe effort and you are in the Hall-of-Fame for weirdness.

I can't write, but I bowl with my left hand :).
And ceiling fan once fell on my bed when I was 10; Luckily I had just left the bed for turning the cassette in my tape . Music saved me :)

Shruthi said...

@BP,That is weird Prashant! And batting, right handed is it?

OMG! It did fall! I feel like that character, Chief Vitalstatistix in Asterix. Now I am convinced that the fan will fall on me someday. And thank God you weren’t hurt. Keep the tape recorder/cd player as far as possible. Even if you have a remote don’t use it :P

Nautankey said...

Havent got all the play's performances loaded in youtube..some of them are here

A rush of the skit performed for chennia blogger's meet arrangemd by

Scene from Phantom Parody - 1st play -
About arranged marriages - Scene from Phantom Parody - 1st play
Techie law - Scene from Phantom Parody - 1st play

Shruthi said...

Thanks so much… will watch them now :)

jargonjagran said...

3) We are all left handed. Even the ones who write with their right hand.

4) I think I have that tendency too. But I guess its too much of a hassle to point it out.

5) From Quotable Autos

Muthu kodolo bandaaga tuttu kottolna maribeda.

Preete maade andre pulsar togond ba andlu


7) I think you chose not to fill this one . Namge KMF aa ?

Shruthi said...

@Adi, hehe.. seriously couldnt think of the 7th one.
fan death anthe thu.. kothi.
Aye we want some more quotes please.. what is that puskul badnekaai quote? and that pulsar one we saw together only, no?
I came across this auto raja today:
"bhoomi biTTare bhookampa.. huDgi bittare?..." henge ;)

jargonjagran said...

hudugi bitre anukampa .

ee piruti prema yella puskul badanekaayi anta prove aagoytu ..

Rani.. heard of the se7en deadly sins ..
and none of this is weird.. so the real weirdo in you is still lurking somewhere in the abyss. Out with the foul and cleanse your soul ..amen

Shruthi said...

oye I havent sinned ok.. paapa puTTu magu I am.
and as always I loffed and loffed reading puskul badnekai quote heheh thanks !

jargonjagran said...

the truth sits upon the lips of the autodriver

lostworld said...

Hey nice blog :)
2 & 6 are something I instantly related to .. A ceiling fan actually fell on my bed in a resort once !!! :D Read my post for the story .. :-)
Enjoyed reading this.


Shruthi said...

@lostworld, read your post. brrr scary.. wonder how you managed to stay there.
thanks for visiting my blog. Hope to see you here more often :)

ani_aset said...

Weird it my sound to you ..but i kind of share no. 6 :P

Shruthi said...

@Ani, haha you too Brutus! Welcome to the club :D

workhard said...

Guys really .. beware of ceiling fans..

A couple of weeks back one fell off in my house.. i felt nauseous .. just looking at that. glad no one was there.

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Shruthi said...

@Workhard, OMG! thats scary. Glad no one was around. after listening to evrybody's experience I feel its better we check our ceiling fans once in a while. Really!

Suresh Sathyanarayana said...

london huchcha??? are you from Vijaya High School by any chance?