Friday, March 5, 2010

His youngest fan

Children I am back. How is the world treating y’all? You must be wondering what’s going on in my life (err say yes ok)? Apart from my work, my niece keeps me busy. A two month old bijli paTaaki is my family’s sole source of entertainment. We are yet to name her. Much to her annoyance we continue to call her by different inane names. For all you know she might be thinking “aiyo you folks! get a life and leave me alone. And switch on the fan before you leave.” Ceiling fan is her current obsession.
Anyway for the sake of blogging I have decided to name her Puttudu (meaning ‘little one’ in Kannada). That’s what we call her at home too :).

Talking about fans, guess who else likes AR Rahman? yes-yes it's my niece. This happened when she was not even a month old and I had to keep a watchful eye while Putttudu slept. [But you know in reality, my role is redundant. My niece wakes up even if I flip a piece of paper; when our dear old BMTC screeches to halt, I get all jumpy and panicky but do nothing]. It was during one such screech-startle-wake-up time, that I discovered she loved music. Yeah I know! I played Aye hairathe ashiqui from Guru and my happiness knew no boundaries when I saw her listening to it with an intense expression. That was not all, we also figured that she listened only to songs composed by AR Rahman. Wheeeee… Can you imagine the kind of joy I felt?

Now, the first thing we all do when we wake up is worship ARR. There is an empty photo frame, which I plan to fill with a scanned picture of Rahman's right foot, so everyday we assume there is a picture of his right foot and do "jota" (fold hands and pray). And if you happen to pass Malleshwaram at 6.30 in the morning you can hear groggy voices singing aye hairathe ashiqui jagaa math. I normally sing Jaage hai der tak hamein kuch der sone do (to the background music of my alarm clock- rrrrrrrriiiing *snooze* rrrrrriiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnggg *snooze* rrrrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiingggggggggggg. Dang!).

Thanks to ARR and two of his tracks, my niece promptly stops wailing and/or screaming as soon as she recognizes the prelude. For instance, she drinks her dreadfully bitter syrup, without making a fuss, while listening to this song and drifts off to la la land when we play this. She refuses to listen to other music directors. yeyeyey. More power to ARR!
When people ask- “oh-ho just like Chikki (short for Chikkamma meaning aunt, meaning me) she will also learn music-aa?” I feel like hugging them but then they add “hope she does not turn out as lazy as her chikki teehee” pffffttt grrr.

Give her a keyboard someone :p

22 plate meals:

vimmuuu said...

Yeyyy...the clubs just getting bigger, huh !!!

Ok, make the lill one listen to all ARR hits and by the time she comes to her senses, she should be able to sing them too ! :D

Now, that 'fan' in the title is for ARR or for that faint mention of ceiling fan in your post ?? :D :D

subbulakshmistoned said...

Such a cute post! Don't limit to the 2 songs, I am sure Chikki can sing much more ;)

lostworld said...

Look who's back!!!! :):)

Hey chikki..guess what? For nearly 3-4 yrs, "Ay Hairathe aashiqui" used to be my favourite song. I know the entire song but of course I sing it completely off-key;)So I shall ensure never to sing around your Puttudu!:)

I love that picture of her chubby little fingers.I want to meet her more than you;-D

Shruthi said...

@Vimmuuu, currently I am working on Tu muskura from yuvraaj. lets see eh :D
and ceiling fans and I share a love hate relationship so the title is for ARR :D

@Subbu, heehee thankewwws :) Chikki sings non-stop Swat. I pity my family :P

@Lostworld, :) you are most welcome to meet her and lets have a group performance of aye hairathe. what say ;)

A journey called Life said...

awww.. look at her hand :))
she has taste in music, 'ay hairathe' and all.. but she must also be sharing her chikki's musical intents.. way to go u both and may the clan (ARR lovers) prosper..

Swaram said...

Yay Yay Danganaka .. we hv a cute li'l member :)
Nin vibes ARR concert inda transmit aagi akkana hathra hogi Puttudu kelhadlu ansathe haadelaa ... forget it! I wanted to write the longest comment ..eneno baritidini ;)

Sniff .... when cn I meet Puttudu :D
Already @ the keyboard .. Hamsalekha n Manohar, make way I say!!!

N wow ceiling fan .. she is just like Chikki's friend then :P

kanaguonline said...

Wow... wonderful to hear this Shruti :) :)

come on get a key board for her... No wonder ARR's music is magic :) :)

Karthik said...

"Puttudu" - that's the sweetest nickname I've ever heard. Did you come up with it? You are very creative, must admit. :)

Very sweet, very cute post, yar. I was smiling all through the reading.
And that pic!! Oh man, that was so lovely! If only you'd put the whole pic!
Oh, beda bidri. Drushti aag bitre kashta. Ala? :D

Shruthi said...

@Ajcl, thank you :) yeah I hope her taste in music stays that way. Imagine if I have to start downloading Himesss bhai’s songs :P

@Swaram, hahahah longest comment in terms of its context too. Coz you are talking about something that happened in Hyderabad :P hee I know that was a very bad pj. Ugadi ge bartidiya taane? Avaga you can meet Putts :D

Shruthi said...

@Kanagu, thank you :) I agree ARR is a magician

@Karthik, hehe no, I didn’t come up with the name. I was called Puttudu at home (being the youngest in my family). Now the title is passed on to my niece :)
Hmm don’t think I will be putting up her pic here. can mail it you though :)

The Holy Lama said...

Music maestro putttudu, pass my love to her.

Dhanya said...

lol! What a cute pic :) :) I recently became a proud aunt again, so I can comprehend all the excitement :D

Chatterbox said...

Wow! what an entertaining post and the cute picture there :)
What a keen interest in music for a such a little girl.
She is indeed an artist in the making for sure :)

Keep up the wonderful work.


Karthik said...

yeah sure sure.. I love babies and kids (well, who doesn't?) :)

Are you on FB, by the way?
I'd sent a request to a shruthi asking whether it was you, and it was a wrong number. :( Trust me, you don't want to know what happened next. :P

Ok, Puttudu, have a pleasant evening! Meet you on fb if you are there. :)

Shruthi said...

@The Holy Lama, thankewws.. will do :) :)

@Dhanya, welcome and yeyy! :) congratulations; its exciting to change nappies innit :P

@Chatterbox, thank you :) will let my sister know about your comments she'll be thrilled :) welcome to my space.

@Karthik, heheheh now I wanna know what she replied.. tell tell ;)

SG said...

Nice you are back. I love the baby's pic. Soooo cute. In music, she is going to be a child prodigy.

Sandeep said...

hah.. loved that image!

ARR rocks, no doubt about it.

Shruthi said...

@SG, thank you :) I do hope she grows up to like music as much as my family does :)

@Sandeep, thanks! but of course you are not talking about my photography right :)) (btw that skill in me is non-existent!).

Sandeep said...

Everybody has skills, one just needs to hone it.

(OMG I don't know where that came from :P :))

Shruthi said...

@Sandeep, whatte quote! quick, patent it :)

Pallavi said...

Nice one ya shruthi :)...

I liked the picture especially, with your 'give her a keyboard someone' description of it .... hehe....

I want to see puttudu !

Shruthi said...

@Pallu, hehe come off ya to my place. weekend bandbiDu.