Saturday, July 24, 2010


Firstly, thank you all for your suggestions. Helped me, really. My sleep pattern is 'new and improved' *clap clap clap*. Now I feel like those infomercial folks. You know those Sauna belt teleshopping programmes which are dubbed in hindi/kannada/telegu/tamil/gujarati? You have seen them right, how they have a 'before and after' expression? Same to same my expression. Jokes apart, thanks people :)

And about the whole profoundness that bothered me (yeah yeah - selfish/selfless) was due to a weird phase that I was going through. Thanks for being so kind and answering my directionless question.

Moving on, this is my 56th post! whoopeee (1030 odd days & 56 posts? err FINE laugh laugh.. pppffttt). So as I was saying , you can send in gifts, chocolates, pastries, dinner coupons.. oh wait on second thoughts send cornflakes, apples, low cal gajar ka halwa, cucumber, and other such low-fat edible items *snff*

and this song is dedicated to all you lovelies. Hope you like it :D

21 plate meals:

SG said...

Yayyyy I am numero uno in commenting today.

I am glad you are in better health now. Please send me your address to my email and I will send a suitable gift.

Liked the ARRahman stuff. But I would rather listen to a rendition on Raag Puriya Dhanashree by a singer named Shruthi Krishnamurthy.

vimmuuu said...

LOL, a 56th post celebration - this should be the first time in the history of blogs !!! or is there anything special about the number 56 that im missing ?? :D :D :D

and I am glad my answer to your selfish/selfless question helped you ! :D :D :D

subbulakshmistoned said...

What Shwu, you on diet too? *sniff*
Congratulations for the improved sleep pattern! (yeah, for me that is more important than the post count.hehe)

lostworld said...

56 is the new 100? 200? I know, Oooh so your weight is now 56 kgs ?? ;-) (post-diets). Congrats on the 56 posts!:-D
I'm glad sleep caught up with you. If you need suggestions on how to stay awake, ask away!!!!;-p

Karthik said...

Kaamidi kelrappa..! "New and improved" ante! Muahahahahahaha... :D
I wonder how perfection can be improved!

56 posts in two and half years? Whoaaa! Aamir Khan of blogosphere.
Yeah, yeah, I will send cucumbers along with your favourite - kett kaapi with kett kene. :D :D

Mathe, 57th post yaavaga? Yappy New Year 2011 ga?

Swaram said...

Sigh! Nan blog odi niddhe kettitheno alva :P Eega swalpa break thogond mele u r feeling better ;) ;) ;)

He he kidding apart, glad u r bk to some kind of routine and also to see a post here :P

56th - yay! Clap clap :D

Chote Ustaad nodtidya? Indian Idol ppl better shut shop and go somewhere :P :P

The Holy Lama said...

Now that's how you celebrate. See folks, 56 is a good reason to celebrate. as for the song,can listen to only later, no speakers here.

Rahul said...

hey,I bumped into your blog. I find your writing style interesting, it kept me glued for at least an hour. I did relish unlimited 'Full meals' esp the dishes called 'Namma park' ,'Lame post' & 'blah'. The ingredients of wit, humor and pepping it with Kannad(a) makes it delicious.
Liked the wit in one of the posts that reads "I did exactly what she asked me to do; but I ended up sleeping only after finishing the ‘book”
Apologize for the intrusion & liberty to leave a comment.

Aryan said...

congrats on your sleep pattern yaar...56 is your age????:-)
Now let me listen to your song...

Destiny's child... said...

Great! We all go through weird phases but the good thing is, we get over it! Yay...that definitely calls for celebration :)

Shruthi said...

@SG, oh my God you still remember my track? thank you so much! :))
and I definitely look forward to the gift :P

@Vimzy boy, heehee nothing special about the number. I just wanted a reason to celebrate and publishing my 56th post is a good reason I feel :P

@Subbu, thankews bebbie.
*sniff* lets drown our misery by eating sugar free chocolate.

Shruthi said...

@Lostworld, hahahhaha nah.. with great difficulty I managed to publish 56 posts, so joy came off :P and if my weight is 56 then I'd better hit the gym :( time to hunt for a one rupee weight check machine.

@Karthik, neen bengaloorige baa avAgide pooje. 57th post barde baritini, before Christmas :P

@Swaram, oi yenidu nan mele aropa horstidiya. nin blog ge 2 days ashte barokke aaglilla :p
and I watched one episode of Chote Ustaad. I loved the kid who sang Alvida. and that other guy who sang Saaware. what an amazing voice he has.

Shruthi said...

@THL, Thank you Lama for supporting me :D and yeah listen to the song. The percussion makes this song enjoyable :)

@Rahul, welcome to Full Meals. and you stayed here for an hour? yeyy! you get a prize :D and thanks so much for all the kind words :) made my day :)
hope to see you around.

Shruthi said...

@Aryan's Mom, thanks :D hehehhe aww wait.. I'm already dreading of growing old :p

@Destiny's Child, you are right. it definitely is a good reason to celebrate. am so glad am over it :)

SG said...

Thanks. How can I send you a suitable gift if I don't know your mailing address. Pls check my profile and send an email to me. Thanks. With best regards.

Shruthi said...

@SG, sent you a mail :)

nivedithasperceptions said...

You also were on a break??? Great to know you're better now! :)
Love the song! :)

lostworld said...

Since I'm visiting every blog, I didn't want to sideline yours ;)

Present ma`am!!!! :-D

Shruthi said...

@Niveditha, yeses loooooong break it was. now am back (hopefully)

@Lost, heehee

Suresh Sathyanarayana said...

how come you have stopped blogging altogether?

Shruthi said...

@Suresh, I will be back *sniff* sooner than later :D
btw I should have said this long ago, plis dont mind- welcome to my space :)
and no I am not from Vijaya school, however I have friends who studied there and hence know the names of your teachers :D