Friday, February 8, 2008


Disclaimer: All the characters and incidents are fictional and are no way linked to the real life. My first attempt in writing fiction. Hope you like it.
Can you suggest a title for this? I couldn't come up with one… heee

He looked at his watch and cursed his Boss. He hated working on weekends’ and the Troll (that's what he called his boss. The name was apt), wanted some godforsaken presentation to be prepared ASAP. Bah! That means he would need it after two or three days. But come on ASAP is a horrible thing to say. It must be listed under "Top 10 offensive words used at work place" he thought.

He wanted to finish his work and get out of that place. He was happy today and didn't want the silly work to spoil everything. He was meeting her after a long time. Three months…. It was three months since he had last spoken to her. Their platonic relationship was going great. But all of a sudden she had stopped talking to him. She had ignored his calls and messages. Women can be so weird at times. He was confused, at the same time extremely annoyed. But that lasted only till he heard her soft voice over the phone asking if he was free to join her for coffee. Sigh... Man! Being in love makes a sane guy go insane he thought and smiled to himself.

He was not sure about how it had all started. It was during the New Year party, probably it was because of the wine or the sea or just her which made him realize he was in love with her. He wanted to ask her so many things. Tell her so many things, propose as well, said a small voice in his head. He was pathetic. The moment he saw her he knew he would get all tongue tied like a moron and just look at her pretty face. He tried to imagine how she looked the last time they met. She had worn a white Salwar Kameez and looked beautiful with her kohl filled eyes. So simple yet elegant! There he goes. Lost in her thoughts. He jolted back to his senses when he got an SMS. It was from her and read that she would be reaching the coffee house in sometime. He saved and closed the PPT that he was working on and headed towards the revolving door.

After half an hour or so he parked his car and started looking out for her. He saw her. Waiting for him. He tried waving but there were too many people around. Damn! The place was crowded. It was perpetually crowded. Weekends, weekdays, year end, mid year any-damn-time. Phew! Where do these people come from, he thought. The crowd was too young for him. Most of them were in school or just out of school he noticed. Was he growing old? Get married ASAP said the same small voice in his head. He almost hit himself for using the corp slang. He reached the table where she sat reading a book; as usual the table was cluttered with tissues, coffee mug, her bag and a book that read Afghan - Frederick Forsyth. But something else caught his attention. Something in red and cream. What was that? Wedding cards?
He could not believe this. Had she called him to distribute her wedding card? This was so unexpected that he just stood there, perplexed.

He almost decided to leave when she looked up from the book, smiled at him and said "glad you came. I have so many things to tell you. But before that let me invite you to my brother's wedding. It's on…."
"WHAT?" he exclaimed and started laughing uncontrollably. She looked flustered and at last asked him "what happened?" for which he could only say "tell you later"….

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Prax said... could you...i told u this story in could you put it up for everyone to gonna jump off the building now....u broke my could you


hey havent i read this one before?

Shruthi said...

Seriously you must join some drama company Prax.. and yes you've heard this story from ME...i guess last year.. sigh its been so long isnt it !! :p

Madhumita said...

Babe, isn't this the one u showed me?? Anyways, how does " The Invite" sound...I know its simple...anyways lemme know....U know I have a knack of choosing names..hehehe.

Shruthi said...

Madhu- Sounds nice :) but it might give away the anti-climax thingy ;)
and yeah its the same story.. published it thats all :p

Maanasi said...

eh...nice post ya....what about ASAP...heheheheheheh..nice name no...for the title i say!!!... ASAP get up... :P

Swaram said...

Hey! Chennagide. Write more :)