Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Sing a Song...Ding Dong!

I recently got to know that Kajra re kajra re, the (in)famous song featuring the Bachans' (except Jaya Bachan ;)) which has mindless music and has been sung by "I-never-sing-in-the-right-tune-but(wow)-still-get-an-award, Ruk Ruk queen Alisha chinaoy (or whatever, I can't spell her name) is written by Gulzar! I used to wonder who could have written something which goes like –"Aankhen bhi kamaal kartey hai, personal se sawaal karte hain" … personal se sawaal? Okay come on Gulzar's lyrics are usually so difficult to understand (or is it only me?) but this one just made me so happy. No doubt he is very creative. But this is good news, at least now his songs can be understood by people like me. Yay!

The trend of including English words or phrases in our Indian film songs is there since ages. I shall be listing out few :) Only the "best" ;) *Ahem* Here we go -

- Aaja meri gaadi mein baith jaa.. long drive jaayenge full speed jaayenge... so on and so forth– Baba Saigal's rap song (or so he calls it) was extensively used by the eve-teasers at that time. No prizes for guessing who made 'Baba' popular.

- Most of those early 90's songs - almost all of 'em composed by Anu Malik (Me thinks he used to beat up the lyricists to implement his ideas) which have words like darling, come here why fear, baby, sexy sexy (yes it has to be repeated), number 1, louve etc etc…

- Some song which goes – "dil mera bole hello how are you" – hehe felt like including this. Time pass I say...

- "Tere sang ek simple si coffee bhi kick deti hai" – I first thought the song featured Emran Hashmi, well don’t ask me ‘why’. Heck No, it has Jr.Bachan dancing next to, what looks like, a cricket stadium's fence. Seriously.

- How can I not include Himes bhai? "Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo… Dil se poochle jaan se pooche…. (something something) I love you oh sayyoni koi shaq? Wats up?" It's an extremely irritating song, just like him. Ugh!

- I don’t know what made Vishal –Shekhar compose this song, which goes “Aye chori, zara nach ke dikha” next you hear – “Du Du Dum Dum Dum” Excuse me! Whats that???

- "Mujhe kuch kuch hogaya.. yede chuccho chucho vishya"… This song has Kannada, Hindi and English words.. Its Unbelievable. Udit narayan at his worst I must say.

*Sigh* I have used up my energy in listing out these songs! Probably you can send in your list of Hinglish and Kanglish songs to me!

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Swaram said...

Ha ha! U can make a post out of anything. Real timepass :)

Shruthi said...

;) heheh