Saturday, March 15, 2008

1.50 AM and My thoughts

- Its 1.50 AM, and for some unknown reason I am not able to sleep. (twist; turn; pillow over my head) Still not sleepy! Gosh! Why why why.....
- Okay, I'll switch on the fan, stare at it for a loooooong time.
- Why am I feeling hungry? Let me search for some chocolates. Nothing found (&#^^*&***##) *sigh* I'll drink some water.
- Darn! I have to go to the loo now.
- Tick tick one... Hmmm... What was that noise? (check; recheck). Hmph! Stupid cat.
- Come aaawwwwn.... tick tick 3...
- I say, why the hell does this Sony play Mohabbatein every Saturday? Who in the right mind would watch it? Who in the first place directed it?
- Tick tick 11... I mean why was Uday Chopra launched? What were the Chopras thinking when they decided to put that make up on his face?
- Never mind...
- Tick tick 22.....
- *With sickening feeling* Tomorrow, no no, today is Sunday. Why do weekends pass so quick? - *Lights on* Let me read a book.

- Where is that book given by my colleague, A. Yusss got it
- Alrightee where was I.. hmmm.... page 56, "Regulation of Mutual fund: State level regulation..."
yawwwwnnnnnn... zzzzzzzz

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Something to look forward to

Formula 1 is round the corner and I am all set ;) All set for it to begin from March 16 '08.

Okay so, whom would I be supporting this season? As always its gonna be Mclaren. Just wait and watch all you Ferrari freaks muhahahah... Its goin to be McLaren this season ripping all the way to the chequered flag. Hope there are no blunders this time (seriously this could be the common chant for all us Mc fans this year :().
Of course, the Drivers' Championship should go to Kimi! I am so very biased when it comes to Kimi. He is the best and so cute *sigh*

So, cheers to all the teams participating this season! Let the show begin....

Thursday, March 6, 2008

A Stroll

I don't think you'll believe me, I don't think anybody will believe me when I narrate this incident. But of course that will not stop me from saying what I am going to say.

This happened on Saturday, 3 rd February. I think I'll remember this date forever. That night, I was going home after finishing my work. I (used to) work in a Garment factory. My sahib asked me to clean his cabin. He said it would take at least 4 hours to finish it. Which meant I could go home only after 10 PM. The place was full of old papers and dust. As expected he left after 6 PM asking me to complete the dirty job. By the time I finished the godforsaken work it was almost 11 PM. Okay, let me come back to the incident that happened on that night. Oh by the way I forgot to mention my name – people call me Ram. I was found in a Chawl 19 years back, in front of a film poster -"Ram ka Bhai Lakhan". I think that's how I got my name. On Saturday, I was on my way to my chawl. A walk at this time works out to be uneventful but very satisfying. You know, I like the city’s weather in February. The mild chillness in the air, trees swaying lightly, stars winking down at earth, dogs howling somewhere near a park, all these things make me feel happy. Sorry, I digress.

Well, after passing the bus stop, I took another gulli, (which has only garbage thrown here and there). I usually don't take this route, but that night I just felt like meeting an old friend of mine. Moti. He is a stray dog. He has big brown eyes and eats whatever I feed him. I wanted to take a stroll with him. I had just reached the first pile of garbage when I saw people running towards me. I think they were all hiding behind a pillar. They were four of them. One guy had a knife. It shone bright. Then suddenly the guy with the knife growled- "Give me all the money you have. Watch, Chain, everything. NOW". I tried telling them – "I have no money, no watch, no chain. I am a poor guy who serves coffee and chai in that big factory. Please let me go". I pleaded. They refused to hear me out. I wriggled and tried to run away. They hit me hard and punched me on my stomach. I thought, like in movies, I can fight them. I tried kicking that goon who had the knife. He looked furious and swiped his knife on my neck.

That is all I can remember. I saw darkness after that. I could hear nothing. I seemed to have regained my conscious after a long time. Sometime back I tried crying and shouting. Looks like nobody can hear me. Right now I can see my body lying across the street where the garbage is still not cleared. On the other side of the gulli, I am sitting next to Moti. He somehow managed to find me here. All these years I thought Spirits and, forgive me for using this word, Ghosts were found in books and movies. Now I know and believe.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Get Addicted

These research companies have no better work I'll tell you. I came across this article yesterday and thought of sharing it on Attuned. Its kinda bizarre. You'll know what I mean when you read the article. You can find it here .