Thursday, January 1, 2009

Hosa varusha tarali namage harusha :)

Happy new year everyone!!
May the year 2009 be filled with peace, happiness and prosperity..
May the stock markets flourish..may there be less traffic .. may the petrol prices come down.. may everyone get a good raise..
I know I know I am very materialistic :D what to do we are like this only!

6 plate meals:

Prax said...

u forgot "may prax find a good girlfriend(s) "

Shruthi said...

ahem.. sure Prax.. I can predict you know ;)) the first alphabet of her name is hmm K...kkkkkkkk (in SRK ishtyle)... err what say you my friend?

Ranjitha said...

hey this weekend when i had been to moms place, i got the cards and autograph books of school ..
in almost all of your cards you have this phrase "we are like this only" :-)
I guess somethings never change, we are still like thsi only :)

yappy new year i say, happy sankranthi also :)

Shruthi said...

hehe howdaa? silly I was.. I still am, adu bere vishya biDu :p
Hosa varusha haagu Sankranthi shubhashayagaLu .. :) maneli yelrigu wish maaDbiDu

archana said...

And May God give you nice buddhi to practice maadokke and give many performances..:-P

Shruthi said...

Practice anthu maaDtini performance bagge gottilla.. yaaru programmes koDdidre en maaDokkAgatte heLi neeve ;)