Thursday, February 5, 2009

Year year!

“Yayy it’s my birthday” says my blog. “It’s been a tough ride my friends, with only few readers. But heyyy *in SRK style* I am not complaining about readership. It’s the journey that counts. So what if nothing meaningful has been written here? *sees someone smirking” Don’t you smirk! *regains composure* . Happy birthday to me” my blog concludes, smiling.

Friends’, family and others thanks a lot for reading all my posts and hope you will continue to do so :-D

7 plate meals:

Ranjitha said...

Yeeee !!! here goes the bday song
Happy bday to you
Happy bday to you
Happy bday to you dear attuned
Happy bday to you

clap clap clap clap :P

Shruthi said...

@Ranj hehehe thanks thanks (says Attuned) and I thankewwss too

archana said...

Hyaapy birday akka

Anil said...

The blog shows promise of being a writer...maybe you should add tid bits in african, jamaican and hale kannda :p


Shruthi said...

@Archu thyanksakka,.. heheh shall treat you at vv puram. what say ;)

Prax said...

first give birthday party,

Shruthi said...

@Prax you go and sit in some Godforsaken country and expect me to come and give party eh? Side-ge hogo lei :p