Thursday, February 5, 2009

Sene mein dum(b)...

Ravana Sene News Services

Reporter to Ravana Sene member: "Saar Saar.. please quote on Ravana Sene’s Valentines day plan?"

Sene Activist1 (SA1)- “The public will definitely thank us, for we now have the best way to beat recession. Low cost marriage anyone? *laughs* Sene is very happy to announce..”

(Another activist, SA2 comes running towards SA1 (uff! No, they are not a couple) to give some gossip)

SA1: “What!” *gasp* “Renuka Chowdry, with her proper make-up and Cotton silk saree, is unavailable for her comments? Now how do we get our publicity? *winks* You see she always helps us with her retorts. *laughs*

Reporter: "Saar please quote saar.."

SA1: huh yes where was I.. hmm yes.. You see there are people like, well let’s not name those rich men, who get high profile weddings arranged for their sons and daughters *laughs again* and who don’t think about poor people, specially in such circumstances…..

(SA2 almost breaks SA1’s ribs and says-“ thuu nimmajji, talk about culture, morals, values, etc that make our Sene run. This is not election campaign” *gives a dirty look*.

SA1: “Yes yes *rubbing his almost broken rib*, as I was saying, in order to curb economic recession and to protect our Indian culture we are organizing this mass wedding on Valentines Day. On this occasion I would like to thank Archies and Hallmark. If not for them we wouldn’t have noticed this auspicious day. You see we don’t want to copy weshtern culture for the sake of copying. There has to be some Indian-ness in it no?”

Reporter: "Thank you saar".

Later the reporter had to bear the torture of listening to Sene activists theme song Taalibaan alla alla.. bin laDen alwe alllaa.. avn hoDdidd building ge naan hoDdidd hrudayakke misunderstanding beDa.. la la la la la

If you are wondering what the hell am I blabbering about, read this:

So all you couples’ who have been planning for a wedding and are worried about global recession, go out on 14th Feb and get free video coverage. Coz according to Sene on 14th:

‘It has formed five teams. They will roam around Bangalore with a video camera and turmeric stub. If they find young couples dating, they will force them to wed on the spot. The couples will be taken to a sub-registrar’s office to solemnise the marriage’

So kindly ask your family members to hide behind a tree; once the Ravana Sene members spot you and give you turmeric stub (!) you can call your folks - “pssssssssssstt psssssssssssstt.. bega banni muhurtha meer hogtide”.

6 plate meals:

Ranjitha said...

sumne show off ivaraddu :) And how many can they catch :P Bangalore will eb full of dating couples that day

Shruthi said...

heheh 5 groups anthe! Video coverage bere.. noDu yenthentha ideas baratte ivrigella... sheer genius :p

Maanasi said...

for every couple whose parents are opposing a marriage,this is the best way. Can always say we were forced to marry. ;)

Shruthi said...

Hahahaha correct correct.. what killer ideas you get ya ;)

Anonymous said...

adugemane maatu READY !!! ...

Shruthi said...

@Adi ye.. naavello aDuge mane maatu aaDtidivi? innu shuru ne maaDilla...