Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I have my speech ready

Yeyyeyy!! I am totally yeksited. I have received an award! Not one, but two two awards :D
Thanks Swaram, for passing these two awards :)

Though, I feel I should start blogging something that's rational and meaningful. I never do that, do I? I mean look at all my posts. They make little or no sense. They are all opinionated but do not create a Rang-De-Basanti-effect. People don't read them and think "haan, hum honge kaamyaab..ek din". So will I not continue writing them? err well old habits die hard you see. So I'll try my best, to not sound sensible.

Another thing that got me thinking was last year February, when I started blogging, I never imagined having blogger friends. Now that I do, I feel good about it. Happy that there are people whom I haven't met (in person) but can share almost any dam(n) thing. Great to know people through blogs innit? And of course all my other friends who diligently read my posts and leave comments :))

Thanks folks!

and I pass these awards to all my friends within and outside blogosphere

Thanks again Swaram.

4 plate meals:

Swaram said...

Nice speech :P

And now, pls write more gal. We r waiting to read ;)

And its wonderful to have blogger friends. Never even thought I could share so much with people I haven't met in person or even spoken to. Its marvellous :)

Shruthi said...

Thanks :D yeses will come back soon. Been caught up at work :(
How have you been? And any more trips into the jungle?

Ranjitha said...

whistles whistles !! claps claps !! :-)

Shruthi said...

@Ranj *waving hands with tears in my eyes* thank you thank you :D