Saturday, November 21, 2009

Random Thoughts - 3

He sat next to an old bedside lamp and spoke in a low tone. Abruptly, he put the receiver back in its place. Banged it, in fact. He tried to recollect his thoughts. What were they about? Something random said a bored voice (a voice that often spoke to him). Random stupid thoughts he said aloud and chuckled. Always nice to dwell on random thoughts isn’t it he asked the voice. The voice grunted.

Teehee.. That felt good. Right, the whole paragraph is no way connected to what I am about to post. I just happen to like typing such stuff. So I am back and I thought I’ll just make your lives err.. bright by publishing my thoughts. So, I was thinking -

- Is it really November? No seriously! What’s happening to Bangalore? November means a slight chill in the air that makes us grab our jackets, sweaters and socks out of our closets (socks yes, only people from Malleshwaram and Cox Town would do that). Not umbrellas. If it wasn’t for Crucie, a cute dog near my office, I wouldn’t even know the current season. The dog promptly wears a sweater during winter you see. Anyway after the initial November-sweater-days the dog now has stopped wearing it and looks gloomy. Climate change is catching up people. Look at poor Crucie.

-Is it me or is Biggggg Bosssss (I dunno how many g’s and s’s are to be added) the funniest show on earth? Did you see how they now have a romantic angle to the show? That phirang and that who-on-earth-is-he?-oh-a-loser-model guy throw vegetables at each other. hahahahah so funny. And KRK was so amusing. He got thrown out sadly. And have you seen Baccchhaan? hahahaha funny again. OK there’s nothing funny about the show. It’s downright boring. But why do people watch it? Why do I (sometimes) watch it? And if there was a “worlds No.1 cry baby” contest, who do you think would win – Bhaktiyar or a new born baby next to your building?

-All these years, the two of us successfully ignored each others existence- me and the lizard. But unfortunately (I have to come to terms with it) the creepiest living thing to have ever walked this planet has found its way to my room. Two days back I saw you-know-what crawling towards one and the only painting I have. The very next moment I was out to wake my dad up but he was fast asleep. I had no other choice but to go back. Bravo! said my Mom. The thing is she doesn't know that now I live in terror and fear of its return. I feel that it is hiding somewhere in my room. Should I call the armed forces? I don’t know…

- Have you noticed, suddenly Rahul Bhatt is famous. Poor soul was unseen thanks to the overwhelming presence of his dad and sister. Now he can savor some limelight (though it’s for all the wrong reasons).

- Since a month or so I have stopped smirking at driving school cars. I was a heartless two wheeler rider who always looked down upon the “learners”. But since the time I started taking driving lessons, I have newfound respect for these folks. But Bangalore traffic is cruel people. I protest!

-These days I dream about clutch/break/accelerator/indicator and seat adjuster.

-Before I leave, I want you all to listen to this song composed by a maestro. Ilayaraja! I think you will all agree when I say that he is an amazing musician. Listen to this track from an unknown movie called Shiva. I can’t stop listening to it. And I think this was originally composed in Tamil or Telugu; I’m not sure (whoever has heard the original please please can you let me know the movie?). Hope you like the song :)

So what have you been thinking?

23 plate meals:

Swaram said...

Banni madam .. suswagatha :)

Nice to see that u hv been thinking a lot :P

LOL @ cry-baby Bhaktiar and the luv story ... never knew abt it ;) I dont c that one but hv heard its a real comedy show.

So is that Pati, Patni whatever due to Rakhi .. the trailers always show her saying that she hs lost her beauty, her figure .. don't ppl only lose things they had ;)

Be careful abt the lizard :P All the best and face the brutes ;)

Haadu kelhtini eega :) Wanted to leave a comment first :)

s w a t said...

That songs goes as "Ananda raagam ketkum kaalam..." in Tamil. Ilayaraja is God-bril nuh?

vimmuuu said...

Whos the he in the first para ??? and the bored voice that comes at the end, that reminded me of one of RGVs spooky movies ! :D :D :D

Im glad the climates changing !! Chennai is cooler these days !!! Can you believe it, while coming back from work (at 4am, ie) theres mist !! :D :D :D

Big way...I hate television these days, I dont watch ! :D

You should probably call the BSF ! How dare those reptiles invade your room !!! Btw, the reptile isnt an synonym for some guy, rt? :D :D :D :D :D :D (ok, im running away after this comment...byeeee :D)

Oh wait, theres one more to add...GOD BLESS THE PEDESTRIANS OF BLORE ! :D

Shruthi said...

@Swaram, aiyo whenevr that rakhi sawant comes on tv I turn it off pa. and how did you like the song? do you know which Raag its in? Make Su also listen to it and both of the two of you let me know the raag ayta..

@Swat, oh he is brilliant! and I will look for that song .. thanks so much :)

Shruthi said...

Vimmuuu... bah! you havent seen me drive.. the officer who took my test was so pleased you know.. ;)reptiles, guys same difference :P but ahem no am talking bout the normal lizard my friend.. it still could be here :-|

Indi said...

Thanks for the comment ri.

After the first para a total U-turn :-) . Socks in Malleshwaram made me laugh, so true.

Not much in touch with the shows you mention but keep hearing it a lot. Love the song..

sp.ajay said...

i remember a senior of mine sitting in a contemplative mood i went upto him and asked,"what are you doing?". He replied,"the pot is boiling."

So continue the boiling process; and yeah before you go to sleep pray every night that the lizards feet don't betray it when it is somewhere near you!

kanagu said...

Who is that first guy Shruti???

and I am not seeing any TV shows these days, so no comments on that..

is you scared about Lizard..?? I think its really scared about you.. thats why didn;t shown up until now :P :P

and for that song.. check this.. tamil one..

from film Panneer Pushpangal :)

Shruthi said...

@Madhu, yeah we do wear socks isn't it :P and glad you liked the song :)

@Ajay, now you are making me nervous :P you know it has creepy feet.. I think I'll take your advice and pray :(

Shruthi said...

@Kanagu, hahah I can only hope that it is scared of me ;)
and thanks for the link.. I just love the song :)

Shraddha@theselfloveproject said...

wow that is truly random but atleast you blogged..

bangalore is cold?
you gave me something i can laugh about...

stay away from slimy lizard..

archana said...

Finally a post!!nice one..:-)

lostworld said...

The most random post I have ever read :-P

When I was in Malleswaram 2 weeks back, I now know why ppl looked like they were thoroughly terrorized ;-)

Crucie wears sweaters?? So cute! What about socks & bow-tie?

Lizards gave me the shivers! I salute you your highness. I cannot imagine even closing my eyes with a lizard prowling around.

I like the song & of course Ilayaraja. Have you heard 'Ithefaaq' from Paa. Melody!

Oh & I totally love the new Blore Central in Jayanagar 9th block ( COme on, I decided to add some randomness in my comment too :-))) )

MADHU RAO | (INDImag.COM) said...

Not just socks :-) socks with a 'namma sangathi paragon' chappal. We had neighbors where come winter everyone in the family donned it ! We called that house -- baaNanthi mane ;-)

Aryan said...

ahhhh very and lizard???

Hey you dream about clucth break .....
seriously I pity ...the city...

Let me listen to the song now....
Aryan's Mom

nivedithasperceptions said...

Hey doesn't the weird gay-guy cry more???

And who is the firang having an affair with?! :P

"Poor soul was unseen thanks to the overwhelming presence of his dad and sister."
Disagree- Sister grew fat and old centuries ago. And other than scandalous tacky movies involving mallika sherawat's lack of a wardrobe, even father's pretty much out of sight!

Shruthi said...

@Shraddha, yeah I am doing everything I can to stay away from that lizard. I hope we continue to exist this way :P

@Archu, hehe go sleep ya

Shruthi said...

@Lostworld, :)) yeah Crucie is very cute. I’ll suggest your idea of socks and bow tie :) sure it’ll look super cool.
And hahahhahaha i loved your random comment :D will have to check out Central at 9th Block. Do they have any sale running? :P

Ithefaaq is so addictive. Ilayaraja is a fab composer.

@Madhu, hahahhahahahahah baaNanthi mane.. sik-sikkhapatte funny hesru . hehehehhehe ..

Shruthi said...

@Aryan’s mom, oh that lizard is really scary AM :( is Aryan scared of such slimy stuff or does he play with them? :D My cousin when he was a kid loved hunting roaches and lizards..eww

@Niveditha, yeses the gay guy is perpetually crying. But Bhaktiyar cries like a baby. Something like “*wail* he took away my toy” types :P
And you are right. Bhatts have always been unpopular :))

prashslash said...

reality shows are sick now a days. they have been downright outrageous for a few years now . thanks MTV :D people just love to watch other people s stupid rantings... ah ilayaraja the maestro .... he and rahman are GODS !!

Shruthi said...

@Prashslash, welcome and thanks for your comments :) and yeah I totally agree when you say they are Gods :) two greatest musicians.

ani_aset said...

wow mate you too watch BB3 awesome..i stopped watching after Raju left...i love him...I am jealous that people have got their license ..what is there to boast about :(

Haddock said...

No doubt.....Illayaraj is the best.