Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I’m not in my best of moods today. So you may exit this page if you feel bored.

and no, I'm not PMSing


My insomnia has reached new heights – I have started taking tips from my friends who are doctors. One of them, still doing her specialisation (sweetest doctor she’ll make), suggested that I drink warm milk and read a book (for 10 minutes) before I go to bed. She also talked about some acids and chemicals which would result in me dozing, I lost her and became a Wrackspurt victim. Anyway my ignorance about chemicals did not discourage me, I did exactly what she asked me to do; but I ended up sleeping only after finishing the book. Then she said – “read work related books”. I did that and got so bored that I had to read another book to get rid of my boredom. And drinking milk didn’t help either, guess I got more energy to stay awake. I don’t know. Tan ki shakti .. mann ki shakti and all


People in Bangalore have suddenly become very health conscious. I don’t like it much, the awareness I mean.


I am confused. The other day I was talking to a dear friend of mine and when we were about to say our “goodbyes/take cares/lets meet and wolf down some steak at Millers 46/return my book/dvd you moron”, my friend all of a sudden made a discerning statement -

Friend: “Shruthi, you are not selfish” me: “err…” friend: “you are a selfless fool. bye”

No, I’m not bragging. The label of being selfless is disturbing. It’s not right. I feel like a total dumbass.

Is it good or is it bad to be selfless? If I do a cause and effect analysis will I get a clear picture of all those painful circumstances I have been through because of my dumbassness? Maybe I should do that. Draw a chart and see how it fits.

Let me open this up for some debate. Which one screws you the most - selfishness or selflessness?

21 plate meals:

Swaram said...

Nange thumba nidhe bartide ee naduve :( I need some other kind of medicine too!
Bisi haalu and all that dnt work for me too :P Keeping rose water on my eyes does :)

Take care ma :)

SG said...

I am not a doctor. But I can suggest 5 ways to avoid insomnia. 1. Go to bed at the same time every day. 2. Stomach should not be too full or too empty. 3. Walk for 20 minutes after dinner. 4. Keep the room dark. 5. Change your sleeping position.

Selfish people are happy people. I am not talking about extremely selfish people. I am talking about people who put their needs first. They are happy because they are satisfied. But selfless people tend to suffer from martyr syndrome. They feel they are needed and end up complaining the world is ungrateful for everything they do.

subbulakshmistoned said...

Being selfless is SO not right. People will eat you up.
I will tell you the bestest tip for insomnia. Exert a lot of strain on your body, don't rest during the day, Yoga/walking/running/dancing 2 hours before sleep will really help. Do this till you get rid of insomnia.
Oh God, this is the first useful comment I've typed in years!

nivedithasperceptions said...

@ Swaram LOL!

And exam time= I-become-Rip-Van-Winkle time!
And it can be SO annoying to be unable to sleep... :( Poor you. I hope you get better soon...
And being selfless is awesome. I hate selfish people. And it never reaps you good rewards. Be who you are! :)

Destiny's child... said...

Both actually. If selflessness is making you crib, then may be it's time you became a little selfish. And since you seem to have tried out every possible thing that works for me, I have nothing to offer on insomnia...:(

Shruthi said...

@Swaram, hehe yup rose water is a good idea. I'll go buy it off :)

@SG, thank you for those tips. Will try them and keep you posted.
and yeah people who are selfless sometimes have a martyr syndrome, however there are a few of us who go through this only during few instances and get into trouble.

@Swat, hehe wah wah wah for the useful comment.
You are right, I think I should take up some form of exercise. thanks I say! :) and people eating selfless ones is true to a large extent. specially in todays world.

Shruthi said...

@Niveditha, thanks my friend :)) then again the rewards may come in very late and by the time one realises that, its kinda difficult to get out of the mess one has got into. I dont think am making any sense but yeah I guess too much selfishness can only result in destruction. My only concern is how much is too much :(

@DC, tricky isnt it. hmm I think I have a lot of introspection to do :) and I hope I can cure my insomnia sooner than later :) thanks girl!

The Holy Lama said...

Raw onions for insomnia. Anyone who says he/she is selfless is very much not so and if someone tells you that you are selfless, then they have an eye on something of yours which they want to keep forever.

Swaram said...

Shru, tag madidini ninna :)

Shruthi said...

@Niveditha, sorry I meant "selflessness" hee typo :p

@HolyLama, That's what confused me Lama when my friend mentioned it. How can anyone be selfless? its impossible isn't it. and omigosh! My friend does have an eye on my LOTR book.

@Swar, heheh I like the title 'sinful woman' and all

Aryan said...

Hope u some out od insomania soon..Even I don't sleep not at night...what to do..
I think one person should have a equal combo of both : Selfish and Selfless

lostworld said...

Try counting sheep to combat insominia (dunno if it works!)

Your Q #2 - No clue. As people get older they become selfless I guess (eg-parents).In my view, it depends on situation. Also what is selfless to you might seem like heights of selfishness to another :)

vimmuuu said...

maybe you are not PMSing, but were you atleast SMSing ?? :D :D :D :D Ok, PJ, move on ! :D

Insomnia??? ohh, you are in love !!! :D :D :D You shouldnt be consulting a doctor for that. Think of getting married ! :D :D

Ok, now you are speaking gibberish. Whats wrong in people being health conscious? I mean, whats your problem if others are health conscious !! :D :D :D

I dont eat fish, so I cant comment on being selfish and all !! what to do ! :D

SG said...

When I read this article, suddently I remembered your post. This talks about "middle aged women" but still worth reading.


Let me know what you think. Thanks.

Karthik said...

What do you mix with milk, by the way? :P

On a serious note, in my opinion, selfishness never screws anybody. But altruism does.

chinkurli said...

Selflessness I guess. If you're selfish, you make sure you get what you want. If you're selfless, you probably don't want anything in the first place, and you don't mind that you don't get something. Hah, I'd rather be selfish :D methinks your friend is going to ask for something BIG.

Try watching mind-numbing Kannada serials, nidde barutte. I, on the other hand, have Swaram's problem :D

Sandeep said...

good to see some tips in comments for insomnia.. i'll try out few too :P
Even after watching late night football, i'm not able to sleep well.. phew!

anyway, now i'm at office and yawn.. :P

Bikramjit said...

in todays day and age , its good to be a BIt selfish, there are too many do gooders already .. and look where we are..

Being selfish doesnot mean you hurt someone, you jsut are protecting numero uno , which is YOU. so how can that be selfish. moreover its the others who think you may be selfish, and people who think that are OBVIOUSLY not your mates or the ones who care.

Oh all the best with the sleeping problem, no idea how to help in that, I am snoring the moment i hit the pillow.

on second thoughts I hope you are not thinking of that SHIMLA... maybe thats keeping you awake.. he he he he he

Shruthi said...

@Aryan's Mom, equal combination.. hmm should give that a thought :)

@Lost, I agree. It depends on each individual :) and count sheep? heheheh will try this solution too ;)

@Vimmuuu, your pj's are getting mind numbingly worse :p and you are in favor of marriage? am I dreaming :D

Shruthi said...

@SG, thanks for sharing the article :) the phrase "middle age" gives me shivers :P

@Karthik, hmmm so what is the level of selfishness that might not screw anyone at all? just curious :p

@Chinkurli, yeah kannada serials are intolerable. have you noticed, they have same actors on every channel. or am do they all look alike? err confusing. it might help in me falling asleep :D thanks for the suggestion!

Shruthi said...

@Sandeep-the-cartoon, I thought you got rid of your insomnia? vaapas bantaa?

@Bikramjit, hahahahhahaha.. the Shimla episode happened quite sometime back; don't think I'll lose sleep over it :p
I'm getting over my insomnia. I fall asleep due to exhaustion. well now I get to sleep for atleast 6 hours *touchwood*