Thursday, April 5, 2012

So, what have you been upto?

As always I shall start with my "err let me explain..."

In November 2011 India witnessed few exhilarating and some run of the mill kind of events; grand prix finally happened, an airline company owned by once-upon-a-time-king-of-good-times faced terrible financial turbulence, solar energy generation reached new heights (no, seriously :p) , the media obsessed over Sachin’s 100th ton, Arnab Goswami continued to yell, not letting any of his guests speak in the newsroom, and of course Bollywood celebrated birth, stretch marks, mommy-hood and baby names.

Amidst all these proceedings, I too had my share of attention. Well you see I tied the knot in November 2011. And no no... none of my wedding pictures got sold to any of the newspapers or magazines (hmpf). Nonetheless my family and friends pampered me and showered me with all their attention. Trust me, I was indulged big time. Amma cooked one special dish that I liked every day, as the wedding day approached my sister made sure I didn’t forget anything (this space is too less to cover what she listed out for my wedding), and the men in the family were always ready to take me anywhere I wanted to go. And on the D-day my friends took such good care of me, I can’t thank them enough.

The wedding preparations were always action-packed- right from the wedding card brain-storming sessions, to discussions on food menu. The endless shopping, cooking lessons, shopping (yes, again), tears, laughter, photographs, some more shopping, what?-only-one-week-left-for-the-wedding-realisation, music, dance, last minute shopping… oh I could go on. The need to enjoy every moment became all the more important to me since I was moving out of Bangalore with ‘S’ (the husband).

So my friends, all in all, that kept me busy from blogging. I hope to be more regular from now on. I re-located to a new place and since then have been busy setting up our new home and I have also been travelling (future blog post alert).

Since I have more free time now, I am currently catching up on reading and music; I have also been trying my hand at cooking and baking. Don’t you snigger; I did mention ‘trying’ in my sentence. Honestly, I am a lot closer to achieving some success in baking than in cooking. I do make myself useful in the kitchen and amuse ‘S’ with my cooking abilities, or lack thereof. I hope someday I shall master the art… some day. Till then pliss to be checking out this picture collage I made. The baking bug seems to have bitten me and looks like the effect is going to last for a long time.

From left to right: Marble cake (the very first cake I baked), Blueberry muffins, Chocolate & Hazelnut Truffles, and  Chocolate cake.

13 plate meals:

SG said...

Congratulations Shruthi. So happy for you. May God bless you and your husband with a long, happy, and peaceful married life.

Raj said...

those pictures make me so bloody hungry.

you will learn cooking easily dont you worry.
and hearty congratulations.

Swaram said...

Wow! Super ma :)
Gr8 to hear from u! Keep posting and am waiting for all those travel tales :D

lostworld said...

I wish I could have attended your wedding. The pictures of cakes look amazing. Please share the recipes !! :)

Nautankey said...

some more posts on the wedding food plz :)

Shruthi said...

@SG, thank you so much :)

@Raj, Amen to that :) Lets hope I do learn it soon!

@Swaru, It feels good to be back Swar. and yep I am already working on my travel tales...

@Lostie, So do I, missed you at the wedding :( and sure will email the recipes :)

@N'Key, Done.. but for that I need to ask people who attended my wedding, because I didn't get to eat most of it. Story of all Indian brides, grooms,and their families I think.

kanagu said...

When I have seen the title of the post, I was like 'Its a ques that needs to be directed at shruthi, rt?' LOL!!!

Congrats on your marriage Shruthi.. :)

The cakes look good :) blog more :) :)

meg said...

Foolish.. So many things you've baked off va? ayyayyoo.. I havent only .. send me also recipes.please. vokay. ? vokay.

Shruthi said...

@Kanagu, Thank you so much :) Will try to be more regular from now :p

@Megu, aiyo not too many kanema. Liteel liteel this and that I have baked.

sp.ajay said...

Cooking is easy, about baking i am not sure- never tried my hand at that!

And I assume I am amongst the last to know you got married, hearty congratulations!

Shruthi said...

Hey Thanks Ajay. and yup I can safely agree now, cooking is not-so-complicated :)

The Holy Lama said...

Now the blog looks like a cookery blog. God, shruthi, What a change. Lucky Guy

Shruthi said...

@THL, haha all thanks to my camera for making it look good ;) I am just a 'recipe follower'. I can never be all that creative to start a cookery blog :(